Sunday, April 10, 2011

They Died in Vain.

I quite recently brought you a post that included among other things a few thoughts of my own on the most expensive hard-on in history, George W Bush's invasion of Iraq. Pardon me, Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Shame and decency are not to be found.

Yet they offer the parents of the dead a free headstone if it bears the inscription "Operation Iraqi Freedom"

Shameless, and overflowing with abject hypocrisy. Bush knows all too well why the troops died, I hope the spirit of the countless thousands, the spirit of every dead man woman or child haunts the son of a bitch to the grave and beyond.

But he cannot see the irony of this “magnanimous” gesture, forever and a day will that inscription, “Operation Iraqi Freedom” etched in stone, mock the man and his presidency for what they truly are.

But the bitterest of ironies is lost on this fool, because forever and a day those words will be synonymous with: More

“They died for nothing.”

Words that preceded an article by Laurence M. Vance, Thank a Vet? A good enough article at the time to accompany my own little offering, but that original choice now superseded by another, and much more apt, Vance offerings, They Died in Vain.

When the number of Americans killed in Iraq surpassed the 1,000 mark in September of 2004, President Bush said of the families of the dead during a campaign rally: "My promise to them is that we will complete the mission so that their child or their husband or wife has not died in vain." Well, the death count of U.S. soldiers has now reached 4,000, and the completion of the mission is nowhere in sight........

.......Now, if Bush's mission were to destroy civil liberties, shred the Constitution, enrich defense and security contractors, construct permanent bases in Iraq, establish an imperial presidency, confirm him as a war president, build his legacy, expand the national debt, wreck the economy, and further increase the power of the warfare state then I would certainly say that the mission has been completed.

But at what cost?

The terrible cost of Bush's mission is the lives of 4,000 American soldiers. None of these soldiers had to die. They didn't die for their country. They didn't die for our freedoms. They didn't die for a noble cause. Every one of them died for George W. Bush's bogus mission. They all died in vain. Their lives were wasted. They Died in Vain.

It wasn't my intention to put before you this article, quite the contrary, but it was another article by Vance, one that I had kept as a draft, but only just rediscovered. Given that we purchased our soapboxes at the same, anti war, anti religion, don't give me that hypocrisy shite, store, it's little wonder that I am availing myself of, and thoroughly recommending, that you have a trawl through the not insignificant archives of Laurence M Vance.
Coming next, Pro-Lifers for Mass Murder.

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