Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Copy and Paste Propaganda?

I have an idea where yer man is coming from but I'm not sure he can make an argument for all news sources being the same when his keyword search utilises the same words as the latest wire story headline. Google might well be guilty of sanitising its news sources, but what this story does highlight, is just how woefully inadequate the main stream media has become as a news source. But there again, this parroting of an AP release is hardly new, it must be four years past since I wrote about the exact same thing, but at a place other than this, so I ain't going looking for it just to prove my point, you will have to take my word on this one.

This from halfway down the article

Copy and paste the propaganda

Now, keep in mind that these news sources are considered the "trusted" news sources by Google News and most consumers. And yet, when you really get right down to it, these are all news sites that merely copy and paste the same exact stories from Associated Press or Reuters. In other words, these sites aren't even writing their own news! They are worse than bloggers who at least offer some unique analysis of the news.

Worse than bloggers! cheeky twat. How's that for some unique analysis?

Google says its search engine penalizes sites for carrying "duplicate content." And yet we see no evidence of penalties for these mainstream news sites that rip off the same exact news, word for word, from the AP and Reuters news wires. After all, these are the top-ranking search results -- and they're all exactly the same!

If anybody other than the mainstream media did this, they would be immediately accused of running a "content farm" and be banned from the Google index. For some reason, Google seems to allow the mainstream media a free pass on the mass duplication of the exact same content. In fact, Google News actually seems to favor it! The more you parrot AP and Reuters, the more they love ya!

Do you have original news content? They aren't interested in that. But if you copy and paste Associated Press stories, you get top billing! more

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