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Japanese Ninja Radioactive Mutant Turtles Coming Soon

Say hello to Cyclops the mouse.

Fukushima creating monster-mutated animals
04 April 2011

As frantic nuclear workers battle melting reactors and plutonium radiation in Tokyo Electric's Fukushima reactors a new fear has surfaced...

Radioactive nuclear monsters may soon appear

No, the mutated animals will not be giant radioactive ants or grasshoppers like 1950s monster movies. But they can be terribly mutated monstrosities with DNA horribly twisted by nuclear poisoning.

Things of horror emerged from the southwestern desert after the early atomic tests by the U.S. military. Although much was hushed up, some of the mutated terrors leaked into scientific reports of the time.

Lurid news articles about mutated plants and animals encouraged Hollywood studios like Warner Brothers to give the nod to such atomic doomsday thrillers like Them!--a scary tale of humanity's war against giant ants that invade Los Angeles. Other B-movies had Chicago attacked by hordes of 12-foot locusts and a titanic preying mantis terrifying Manhattan Island.

A giant ant appears in Them!

Although atomic bombs can affect DNA, the affect is short term. Long term radioactive contamination from nuclear reactor accidents is much worse and has a greater impact on surrounding plants and animals.

Chernobyl's nightmares

Chernobyl - mutant boy in hospital

Russian scientists discovered first hand the nuclear nightmare world of mutants in the months following the Chernobyl disaster. Although the radioactive plume drifted around the world, the most severe impact was seen in the region of the reactor and adjacent countryside. Not only plants and animals, but humans too were mutated.

As authorities desperately evacuated people, animals roamed into the highly radioactive land. Plants soaked up Strontium-90 and Caesium-137. They also absorbed deadly plutonium that leached into the soil and ground water. Rogue neutron rays swept the countryside.

Mutant plant discovered in Radiological Reserve

Animals drank from rivers and streams; the water glowed a faint blue at night.

The surrounding forest turned rust-colored red and the biodiversity mutated radically. Some observed gigantism appearing in animals and trees grew weird, gnarled branches, some grew roots at their top instead of in the ground.

As the radiation spread and humans abandoned it, the area became a refuge for mutant plants and animals--a living zoo of Twilight Zone proportions that some in Kiev, the nearest major city to the site of the disaster, have called a Forest of Wonders.

Mutant monkey - early atomic tests

Naturalists have coined the three square miles around the former facility--the most radioactive region on Earth--a Radiological Reserve.

Misshapen birds roost inside the partially destroyed reactor housing. Some have stunted tail feathers and leathery bodies. Others have multiple legs and stumps for feet.

Mutated DNA creates mutant mouse

Weirdly massive and mutated tailess wolves, fanged beavers, one-legged storks and giant-beaked eagles have been reported by frightened hikers. more

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