Friday, March 04, 2016

Operation Grange The Story So Far

Read from top down.


Anonymous said...

A picture tells a thousand words…

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Your blog's clock is running too fast

Himself said...

5 March 2016 at 10:04

Go on then, I'll bite. But whatever you do, don't tell me they just need a little more time.

Anonymous said...

Himself 10:28

My error, I should have said your system clock is running too fast : my clock read 10:00:49 when I posted my message which registered as posted at 10:01. Having noticed the discrepancy, I said what I said about the clock.

I admire your pictures and certainly wouldn’t not tell anyone that “they” need a little more time: ‘their’ time has long since run out.

Unlike our clocks, we are synchronised in our timing, aren’t we? I am not tasty enough to bite anyway, I think, and I am not into biting.

Anonymous said...

Snowden = CIA cointel. So obvious it's painful.

Himself said...

As obvious as wings on a nut?

Anonymous said...

Translation of the Smith's e-fit: Lay off Murat or else!

And they did~!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 08.03.16 @04.03

Thank you for your post.

“Translation of the Smith's e-fit: Lay off Murat or else!

And they did~!”

Are you able to tell who “they” are, what “else” implies, and who is being addressed in the imperative? If you are, please do.

Strikingly germane is the following observation (Agnos 2 March 2016 at 11:33 in New Comments and Link Dump): …“These are people that we are discussing, and not abstract concepts. It clearly necessitates a special type of care (Murat etc.)!”? Wouldn’t you agree?

With utmost respect

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"Private investigator" Miraz Ullah Ali

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anon @March 2016 at 11:32

I really don't want to answer for anon, but there is no reason why anybody else should consider that observation of mine as particularly germane. The context of the remark was explicitly what I accept in relation to conjecture. It was not intended to be a general "injunction." It is certainly not my intention to fix a window to every other person's soul!

Perhaps there is a distinction to make(?)

If I were to assert something as "fact" then I would hope to be right! Failing that, I would hope to be corrected.

If I express a conjecture, then whilst it might become a line worthy of discussion. It's "obligations" are mine alone.

Conjecture is richly nuanced. It touches upon irony, innuendo, satire and so forth. It an indispensable part of any discussion (and of "reason" - so I would argue). I think we each navigate as we see fit.

Anon @04:03 has made a broad conjecture from which it might be possible to infer a line of thought - as you have. Again, speaking for myself, I am happy either to accept it as such, or to leave it!

I have very little instinct for prohibition. The only obligation of "care" that I feel is towards the one thing for which I am truly responsible i.e. my own words.

Risking sounding pedantic! But I just wanted to be clear.

Regards again,


Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @06:23

BS in plain language.

Anonymous said...

Martin R. @09:45

It is BS that has been made possible by ? I don’t know what to call it. Powered by, facilitated by?

It was bound to happen since the PJ hasn’t a clue what happened to Madeleine McCann (according to a source from the PJ), and the MPS has a much clearer picture of the events in Praia da Luz leading up to Madeleine's abduction (according to Mr and Mrs McCann).


"Where is the child?" – Gerry McCann, father of Madeleine McCann



Martin Roberts said...

Maren @10:53

I know a nice little corner in S.E. Greenland where she might have gone. Easy to spot as a blonde among the natives though.

Himself said...

For Agnos

For Martin

Anonymous said...


Lol...I did a quick google: bridges in Paraguay!

An emerging market? (Only 2 results!)



Anonymous said...

Ag., thanks to your link. M

Anonymous said...

Thanks M,

At the end of the day, near a dilapidated soccer stadium, a group of women starts to load bag after bag onto a double-decker bus headed back into Brazil. !!