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Theresa May Bernard Hogan-Howe Nicola Wall

Theresa May, Bernard Hogan-Howe, Nicola Wall. A Christmas Message.

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Anonymous said...

Hans Peitsman
A sincere question: if she was abducted in 2007 at the age of 3 her age now is eleven isn't it? Why is there posted a picture of a progressed age of 9 instead of 11? I really do hope they will be reunited or at least have a closure. My thoughts are with them
21 December at 9:47

Official Find Madeleine Campaign
Hans, the picture is the latest photo of Madeleine that was commissioned by the Met. If Madeleine is not home by her 13th birthday, the Met will commission another age-progression image to be done.
21 December at 19:10

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Apart from the fact that OFMC doesn't answer HP's first question (her age now would be 12), is there any official or unofficial announcement from the Met on another age-progression image to be done?

Martin Roberts said...

When this house of cards collapses the collective sense of outrage will be more than anything Kate McCann has ever laid claim to!

Additional OFMC Facebook comments include:

"Help the charity Missing People raise £20,000 this Christmas. This could help to pay to run their vital 24/7 helpline for a week. Thank you! ~FM Webmaster"

'Vital' helpline? Do police switchboards no longer handle incoming calls then?

There's also the distasteful suggestion that Missing People might be further rewarded for the 'Best Christmas campaign". What? After the Oscars, Baftas, Grammies etc., are we now to have the 'BACHS' (British Academy of Charity Scams)?

And this piece of circumcised misdirection:

"Alabama boy who was missing for 13 years shows up in Ohio"

So the Met. can justifiably get their cheque book out next year after all. Until, that is, we read the complete Fox News headline:

"Alabama boy missing for 13 years found safe in northeastern Ohio, father arrested"

Perhaps next year then we'll read, "Whereabouts of Leicester girl, missing for 13 years, still unknown, suspects still at large"

D'ya think?

Somebody PLEASE put a stop to this on-going nonsense!

Himself said...

Good afternoon gentlefolk, merry Christmas.

Having had time to reflect, I think my given title of the piece is all too inclusive where I include Hogan-Howe and Nicola Wall. I think the title should have been addressed solely to the Home Secretary.

Pure speculation on my part but I reason thus: In spite of his far from spotless past, I think neither the Met or the Home Office can ill afford another Met commissioner adding his name to the list of shame. (below)

It can be argued however, that in itself wouldn't be reason alone for Hogan-Howe's continued tenure. Could it be then that Theresa May, quite simply, owns Hogan-Howe?

The result of which might well be, as we have already witnessed with that other Chief Constable concerned with this case, Matt Baggott, "I do as I am told."

Be I right or be I wrong on that one, there has to be some reason for the Met to hold itself up to constant ridicule the way it does?

Nicola Wall? As you once opined yourself Martin, Nicola Wall was brought in simply to answer the phone. (until the Brass can try and figure a way out of this thing, unenviable as that may be)


Apart from the fact that OFMC doesn't answer HP's first question (her age now would be 12), is there any official or unofficial announcement from the Met on another age-progression image to be done?

The one age-progression image that the Met have already issued, is I think, sufficient to establish which mast the Met have nailed their colours to. Would they really want to issue another one just to remind us of the fact?

Between the issuing of the age-progression and Inspector Clod's own words regarding the status of the parents, it is totally beyond my comprehension that not an insignificant amount of "justice seekers" maintain faith in the Met and its wilful blindness, aka Operation Grange.

I fancy there are going to be some extremely angry people jumping about when finally their irrational faith is proved to be just that, irrational.

I'm sure there must be a suitable Freudian label to stick on a situation thus. If not, there is always myself to echo my previous iteration, I fucking told you so. Upper case of course.

But whenever the time does come that the Met, the country's premier police force don't forget, foists upon us whatever they will, the immortal words of Bill Maher will come to the fore: imagine the balls it must take to stand in front of another human being and tell them that!

List of shame,_Baron_Stevens_of_Kirkwhelpington

Bill Maher's balls 90secs.

Himself said...

Martin, award did you say?

Himself said...

Martin OT

TTG to Elizabethan England. It might save you an uninspiring read.

Himself said...

Doh! wrong period. What harm?

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Thanks Chuck.

Anonymous said...

The farcical Operation Grange,remit,Abduction, as undertaken by SIO Hamish Campbell and side kick DCI Andy Redwood, who have been involved in at least Two unsolved murders in Londan,Jill Dando,Daniel Morgan 10 March 1987.
The latter case has cost Millions of pounds to the UK tax payer, with trails collapsing "collusion" by former serving Police Officers, supplying information to the "Murdoch clan"which resulted in the Murder of Daniel Morgan?
Hamish Campbell proceeded to frame a suspect for the Murder of Jill Dando,when Barry George walked free from court, due to the planting of "Fire Arms residue" of a gun he was supposed to have ownership of, which had been used in an armed robbery in Liverpool, funny they didn't fit him up for that crime aswell?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Wall is married to former Special Branch Inspector
Please remove comment if
you want to do so.

Himself said...

If Nicola Wall arrests the McCanns, I will walk barefoot to Canterbury in a hair shirt with a noose around my neck.

And back again.

The comment stays, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Jesus Christ!

Anonymous said...

As you say H. Regards to you and M. Roberts. Mx

Anonymous said...

"I know I'm telling the truth. That night we were just sitting at the kitchen table talking for a very long time.

"People find that quite extraordinary, that we sit at the kitchen table, but we've always done that, we've always sat round the kitchen table and talked."

Well, what can I say. Mx

Anonymous said...


Four [?] hours before she went missing, Madeleine McCann was acting as a ball girl as her parents played tennis.

Did I understand correctly? M

Himself said...

You understood correctly, but where on earth they dreamt that one up from I have no idea. Well I do, but that's by the by.

There is much in that first minute, that which you point out, the dormant Inspector Clod, and Kate McCann's straw man again. Which by the way, they have taken the trouble to splice in, or leave in, those few seconds from a previous interview.

I shall try and post Martin's new Murat post tomorrow, just needs a bit of tweaking on the source code.

Getting a bit peckish, something nice and healthy for tea methinks, a big fuck off kebab. Why fuck off I don't know, but that's the vernacular employed on such occasions.

Be safe my love. xx

Martin Roberts said...

M @17:37

You must stop doing this. I can't keep up!

That little segment at 0:15 continues with reference to the 'tennis photo' and implies very deliberately that, as one of the last photos taken of her (Madeleine), it was taken during the tennis session just referred to, i.e. four hours before M's disappearance, when she was playing 'ball boy'.

And there, in just a handful of words we have proof positive that OG was a stitch up from the off, that same photograph having previously been attributed (by RO) to Jane Tanner on THURSDAY MORNING, claimed by JT herself (on the WEDNESDAT) and by KM on TUESDAY.

Crimewatch was of course a BBC/SY co-production and a pack of lies from start to finish.


Anonymous said...

We will never give up. You couldn't settle if you thought about giving up. I want an end, an answer. Whatever that it is.

That sounds quite threatening, operation Grange.

Kate, in ‘madeleiene’

“In mid-July I found Amelie standing in our room, looking at a photo of Madeleine in a frame by my bedside. ‘I miss my sister,’ she said quite clearly. ‘Where has my sister gone?’ I was caught completely unawares. I realized I’d underestimated both her grasp of the situation and the scope of her vocabulary.”

You couldn't settle if you thought about giving up.

Anonymous said...

Gary Theobalds
You may wish to delete
Thank you too