Wednesday, December 23, 2015

A Christmas Message

A Christmas Message to those that purport to seek justice in the name of Madeleine McCann.

She wasn't then yet four years old. Do your duty.


Martin Roberts said...

It could not be simpler. No cause - no effect.

And yet the Metropolitan police saw fit to pursue a remit which took a non-event as a 'given'.

Anyone pleading their case while ignoring this basic truth is a few cards short of a deck.

Merry Christmas 'H'. No one has put it more succinctly, ever.

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, from the police spokesman & spokeswoman:

Thankfully, the police investigation has made progress over the year. Whilst it is never as much or as speedy as we, or the police would like, we are moving in the right direction and that’s the positive. Patience and perseverance are virtues which we’ve acquired in abundance over recent years - another positive!


Himself said...

Merry Christmas Maren, I hope it's a good one for you and yours.

Thank you for support throughout the year.

Anonymous said...

Himself, thank you for allowing comments, that has enabled me to get to know the pleasant nature of internet comment.

Fijne Kerstdagen

one and all!


Anonymous said...

@24 December 2015 at 14:16

Two weeks ago Maddie’s parents Kate and Gerry publically thanked Operation Grange, the police inquiry set up into their daughter’s disappearance on PM David Cameron’s orders, in May 2011.

But the couple from Rothley, Leics, couldn’t resist a dig at cops for failing to do “as much” quickly enough in an online festive message.

It was not clear if the McCanns were aware G4S, whose reputation has been scarred after a string of blunders, had been brought on board.

It was not clear?

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