Wednesday, April 01, 2015

On Web Anonymity

In light of recent tragic events, those that involved the trolling of Brenda Leyland for numerous years (yes numerous) by the cult of McCann followers, prompts me to up part of a previous post on the subject of net anonymity.

I include in those trolls, former head of the CEOP and McCann shill extraordinaire, Jim Gamble. Whose role in the sordid yet tragic affair, is far from that of innocent bystander.

I could include others, those sad little people and inadequates, who think knowledge of someone's private details, and the constant quest to obtain such must be said, brings to their sad little lives, some feeling of importance. Well it doesn't, all it does is endorse the conclusion that folks have already arrived at; that you are pathetic. And to such a degree, as to render you peerless.

To the article then, featuring non other than, Tony Bennett, but more importantly, his best mucker, Peter Mac.

Cut for editing.
. . . But what did strike me about this monumental tribute to one man's mania was, controversy, controversy on a scale unimaginable, and to such a degree that one might suspect that it too was desired in its own right by this strange creature. Or am I overlooking the obvious, the controversy being just another fuel to add to the lime, producing a light of such incandescent brilliance as could only be welcomed by an attention whore of Bennett's proportions.

Struck similarly throughout these many noble causes, were a penultimate culmination of words that invariably involved a phrase such: send cheque for £s to.... and it is here we come to the essence of my little story, the reason it is being writ in the first place.

Inferring that writing behind a pseudonym and not publishing my address, somehow makes me less a writer, somehow cowardly, and that I take sensible precautions against nutjobs, and God alone knows how many of those this case attracts, showing up on my doorstep, somehow less of a man, and this by two posters both using pseudonyms by the way. Two posters on Bennett's Forum, the one Jill Havern started, but now where Bennett holds court in his personal fiefdom. Those two comments elicited a third, here it is below.

PeterMac Jan 10, 2011

Hear , hear. I support you absolutely.
Mr Bennett is possibly the only one of all the people who blog on pro-McCann or pro-Truth sites who gives his full name, address, telephone number, and email.
For that alone he stands head and shoulders above us all. (Does he really you dense fuck?)
(for the record I am Peter MacLeod, a retired Police Superintendent from Nottinghamshire, and I live in Spain at Finca la Guzmana, which you can find on the internet)

Once a thick copper, always a thick copper I guess. yes Peter Mac, Mr Bennett is the only one who gives his full name, address, telephone number, and email. and that's just the point.

Never have I seen a person's personal details given out so freely in so many places, the net is littered with this idiots little labels of self promotion, and that is exactly what they are.

I will defy anybody to search the web and find me another private individual who self promotes himself and his home address like this oddity does. Any person you like on the whole wide web, see if you can find me one.

Five comments from the original article, and as germane as any part of this post, if not more so in fact.
You might pay  particular attention to my own last comment, because that is what net anonymity is all about. Heaven forbid, that such a thing as I describe should come pass, although entirely in the realm of the possible. But it is the far simpler thing that any of us might mention in real time via social media, that then becomes a problem. I/you want to be able to say, I'm out for the day, without every scally within a hundred miles knowing my/your house is empty.

The first from the much treasured and never forgotten Linda Baki. Whose input to this travesty, without even considering the state of her health, can only be described as, mighty.

SteelMagnolia 21 February 2011 at 09:43

Posting names and addresses on the Internet is a very dangerous game for everyone. No one knows who reads these blogs, who is monitoring and what is really behind the McCann scam, for the McCanns are con artists, tricksters and allowed to continue in such mode.

It appears the PR has started and the move is onto the States where I feel a look alike of the photofit shall appear.

As we all know today's friend, is tomorrows enemy and that enemy who now has your details will more than not post them on the Internet.

Trust and friendship, hard to find in the real world, more so in cybersphere. ONLY a fool gives out private details, do we not tell our children this ?

Anonymous 21 February 2011 at 09:48

You would think a retired officer of the law would have more sense than to tell you the name of his Finca. As for Bennett, well Bennett's Bennett!! Hated and despised it would appear but it does not seem to bother him in fact I believe he enjoys the attention.

Bennett loves an audience and one day when he falls out with Jill, which is sure to happen the faithful followers will leave her high and dry.

Anonymous 21 February 2011 at 14:48

They are a load of twonks, why do you waste your talent when you are worthy of so much more? You are a writer something to be proud of.

Himself 21 February 2011 at 15:14

Because I take incredible exception to having the piss taken by a young earth creationist.

I cannot think of any analogy that comes anywhere near close to describing the scale of such an insult.

Himself 21 February 2011 at 21:03
What I cannot help but wonder in all this, is what his missus thinks of it all. Firstly that he goes orf gallivanting around the country tilting at windmills, and secondly, being left, presumably on her own, when all the while, half the world knows his address and phone number.

What's the usual MO, Mister shitferbrains, Peter MacLeod, retired Police Superintendent, for house invasion/robbery/rape/murder knowing a woman might be alone in the house, is it something like: ring ring Hello, is Tony there?

For that alone he stands head and shoulders above us all.

Now that wouldn't be too hard of a thing to do would it?

I could say you're about as much a retired Police Superintendent as I am, but that would be far too forgiving, better in fact, that I say you probably are.


Anonymous said...

When they resort to asking and who are you?, then you know they`re thinking and what might be done with you, to stop you speaking.


Himself said...

Legislation as a rule. Because if you have done . . . .

Anonymous said...

If the true story of this revolting McCann saga ever gets written then that graphic deserves several chapters to itself; dedicated to all those members of our "liberal" democracy, and our "liberal" media, who of course knew nothing.

BTW it was @SteelMagnolia who first got me reading about all of this. My brief stint on Twitter being at the time of Leveson.

You probably know this stuff better than me, but some links re Leveson, Mitchell...and yep, Bell Pottinger.

To my knowledge all Leveson participants were under oath. FAQ etc here:

Interestingly PRWeek states that Mitchell gave evidence to the inquiry:

If this was the case then his evidence was heard in private session. Why would that be?

For good measure, the Independent article mentioned in the above:

Bell Pottinger boast of their ability to influence the PM. Now there`s a thing.

Yes, it`s all old stuff, but these little glimpses keep affording connections don`t they?


Himself said...

Good Morning.

Of Linda (Steel Magnolia) We were quite close, as close as any can be via the web. We shared a lot of stuff and ideas, and though she knew she was dying and had to suffer some pretty awful therapy, she worked tirelessly in the hope of some sort of justice.

Of the National Archive, believe it or not, I was there for the very first time today. (April 2)

I don't know what to make of this statement:

W Communications founder Warren Johnson added: ‘The appearances of Max Clifford and Clarence Mitchell before the Leveson inquiry have highlighted the surprisingly low turn out from the rest of the PR industry.

True or false? I have no way of knowing. Mitchell doesn't appear on the witness list, but then I don't suppose he would, if he was heard in secret. But it begs the question, why should Mitchell of all people be heard in secret?

The Inndy article was quite informative, thank you. Lies don't come cheap do they?

But this little gem qualified for the gor blimey award of the day.

Lord Bell was provided with details last Friday morning of the above. He responded yesterday via his lawyers, Carter Ruck, attacking the Bureau. Lord Bell said: "The conduct of the Bureau of Investigative Journalism does not remotely constitute responsible journalism. It is an attempt by unethical, deception to manufacture a story where none exists."

What's the saying, you couldn't make it up? And then some.

I will be tweeting said gem, in the form of a jpg, later on.

And it wasn't just Gerry McCann that perjured himself before Leveson, his missus too, as observed by Martin R. And this some good few years past.

From 'The Exception Tests the Rule (9.12.11)

"In telling Lord Justice Leveson et al that 'there were no body fluids' discovered in the wheel well of their hire car subsequent to Madeleine's disappearance, Kate McCann was not calling into question the attribution of any DNA sample derived from scrutiny of the vehicle in question, but whether such a sample had existed at all. Now, the likelihood of a senior man at the FSS describing in some detail to Leicestershire Police the results of an analysis conducted on a non-existent sample is remote in the extreme. And since a copy of that correspondence is present in the same files Kate McCann had earlier claimed to have studied in some depth, it makes her dogmatic declaration all the more bizarre."

Which, if you will excuse me, I am about to go and read in full.

Anonymous said...

Hi Himself,
The blogs that I`ve read (and often returned to) from SteelMagnolia have greater substance, and courage, than any of our MSM hacks could ever aspire to.

It`s when reading this Bell Pott/PRWeek stuff that I begin to realise how low our MS system has sunk. They make a virtue out of pathological dissociation. Little wonder the McCanns are still at large.

Leveson`s keynote was "transparency". What strikes me now is that irrespective of the PRWeek claim (or any closed sessions), Mitchell ought to have been questioned as a part of the public process. It was Leveson who decided to make "The McCann Test" a central platform of his inquiry, and it was a Leveson who declared the need to "get to the bottom of their situation" (as memory serves for the exact words).

Mitchell`s absence thus speaks volumes: Perjury would have gone off the scale; and Leveson knew it. Practically every editor, lawyer and hack must have known it too; not to mention the Leveson acolytes and "talking heads" that weigh-in to this ongoing media/web debate.

What a circle of exploitation has spun out from that sad little apartment block.


Anonymous said...


Iseult S

This is in memory of beautiful Dani (Ironside, Steel Magnolia) whom I think many people will remember. Even when she was fighting terminal cancer Dani never stopped trying to get truth and justice for Madeleine, and I know she'd have wanted to be part of this public display of support for Gonçalo Amaral. Dani, we haven't forgotten you. X

Himself said...

That's nice, and thoughtful of her.
I often think of her myself, we had such a good rapport. Barely a day passed that we weren't in touch, bouncing stuff of each other. And as you know, she was one extraordinary researcher. Given the scope and diversity of her many blogs, one helluva researcher in fact.

I think for memories sake, I shall do the same as yer woman.

Thanks for all your links Maren, and please forgive my tardiness in responding at times.

I think Martin R is on to something that might turn out to be quite profound, just lacking that vital bit of information, the key-stone as it were.

And with that said, I must try and catch up with his emails and his thinking. Sometimes not an easy task, being the sharp bugger that he is.

Take care dearheart.


Anonymous said...

How ironic since I am convinced Tania C doesn't agree with "Verdi" (lol).

Awwww, big hugs all round xx