Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Jim Gamble and the Abuse of Madeleine McCann

 In spite of what it represents, an official product of the CEOP under the then command of, Jim Gamble; the imagery itself is second place to the questions it raises.

As a prerequisite to any question asked, it is crucial to know the chronology surrounding this astonishing CEOP production, A Minute For Madeleine.

Having fled Portugal, immediately after being declared Arguido; persons of interest; or in the case of the parents, Kate and Gerry McCann,  suspects in all but name.

It is with this in mind, that some thirty days later, Jim Gamble foisted onto the world, this extraordinary piece of propaganda. And extraordinary it is, be assured of that.

It becomes extraordinary for reasons manifold. To mention but a few.

It becomes extraordinary, because it is the product of an experienced career policeman.

An experienced career policeman, who at the time, was CEO of a government funded organization.

 And let us for a moment, remind ourselves of the CEOP acronym: 

The Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre.

Yes; quite.

 Which gives rise to our questions.

What was the intended effect of this non too subtle torpedo, supposed to have on the ongoing Portuguese investigation?

Was A Minute For Madeleine the product of the imagination of Jim Gamble alone?

Was the decision to produce and air A Minute For Madeleine, taken solely by Jim Gamble?

If the answer to the last two questions is yes, then we know where we stand. Or more precisely, we know where Jim Gamble stands.

If the answer is no however . . . .

I don’t think I even want to go there. 

"Madeleine will now be six years old" is a written statement which opens the CEOP vid. 'A minute for Madeleine'. Gamble is actually heard to say however, "Madeleine is now six years old". Altogether less tentative. Martin Roberts


Anonymous said...

Who made the decision to hand out the CEOP quango to his nibs after the debacle that was Ore?

Himself said...

It was his blood-money pay off for turning a blind eye to paedos in high places.


Anonymous said...

Jim Gamble tweets:

@SoniaPoulton @annienonymouss lol, what attempts? Unlike u I've no personal agenda. I've simply sought 2prevent bullying of victims parents


lol, no personal agenda

Madeleine is now six years old - Jim Gamble

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Well said that woman.

She has him by the short hairs, dammed if he does, damned if he doesn't. Because quite frankly, I don't think anything he would have to say, would pass muster.

He cop, they suspects.

There's no getting away from that.

Thank you my darling, I wish you a pleasant good evening.

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Go on Sonia!

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...Gov needs to match tech companies commitment

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