Friday, January 23, 2015

Doing a Bit Of Grooming Yourself Mr Gamble? Re-Up

Though I might rectify the situation tomorrow, I'm a little too tired at present to write the intro worthy of this post. But for the most of you visiting tonight, the links and the graphics are more than sufficient for you to comprehend the basics.

Not forgetting of course, the latest, and the reason for this re-up. And dare I say it, insightful little cartoon strip?

16 December 2009
Uncleared Suspect in Simulating a Crime and Hiding a Cadaver to be Guest Speaker at CEOP Conference on Child Abduction

6 January 2010
Gerry McCann To Be Guest Speaker Of CEOP

26 January 2010 CEOP Let Us Have A Little Reminder About The Merits Of Your Guest Speaker Gerry McCann

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