Thursday, November 13, 2014

Move Along Now Nothing To See Here

For Maren.


Anonymous said...

Findings of fact

13. On 3 May 2007 the child Madeleine McCann went missing; at the time of the information request the investigation into her disappearance was high profile and continuing. In determining to withhold certain information under the section 27 exemption, FCO consulted with the British Embassy in Lisbon and with two relevant authorities in the UK Leicestershire Police and the Association of Chief Police Officers (ACPO).

14. FCO told the Commissioner that a family member had made clear to FCO staff that all comments made by that individual to FCO had been made in strict confidence and were not intended for disclosure to third parties. FCO did not approach the family member again during the Commissioner’s investigation but told the Commissioner that they were confident the individual would not appreciate being contacted regarding disclosure of the relevant personal information, a position the Commissioner accepted.

Himself said...

Although no comment Maren, I read the notification.

What's Portuguese for, stop sending this shite?

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