Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Madeleine McCann: A Global Obsession Review

Madeleine McCann: A Global Obsession | Channel 5

First impressions.

Thank goodness I don't have television.

The whole program, the opinions and the drivel gushing from the talking heads, was assumptive.

And the basis for that assumption? I shall let Dr Martin Roberts give us the answer.

For seven years past a watching international community has been witness to a growing clamour of borrowed knowledge regarding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann, hearsay tearing repeatedly through the fabric of reason like a succession of tornados in America’s mid-west, and bringing us more recently to the most ludicrous of situations; one in which a UK police force is given a seemingly limitless budget, so as to review and pursue a case over which it has no legal jurisdiction, and in deliberate disavowal of the evidence collated by the original investigators. In an admitted collaboration with the UK government, they are acting ‘as if the abduction happened in the UK’ without first, or indeed ever, establishing whether ‘abduction’ happened at all.
Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted Part 1

without first, or indeed ever, establishing whether ‘abduction’ happened at all

Consequently, a greater part of the content can be dismissed as irrelevant, pertaining as it does, and based purely on said assumption.

What was relevant however, were the words of family friend, Jill Renwick (o3:3o) Who, logic dictates, must herself have contacted, GM TV Today, while it was still on air Thursday morning.. 

"They were just watching the hotel room and going back every half hour, and the shutters had been broken open and they had gone into the room and taken Madeleine."

Only the shutters had not been "broken open." But Jill Renwick was right on script

 Before we had even heard the name Madeleine McCann, the script had been written, distributed, and was being learned by rote, albeit to an embarrassing degree, by seemingly every member of the McCann's extended family. The source of which, and undeniable, Kate and Gerry McCann.
 Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted Part 1

As for the rest of it. I didn't see the thing in quite the way as others appear to have done. Yes there were moments when the program makers might have included snippets that could be construed as offering some kind of balance. I personally view these things as the occasional crumb. Whether offered intentionally or not I wouldn't like to say. This photograph for instance, dubbed by some as "Duper's Delight" Something I wouldn't want to argue with. For it cannot be argued, that, among the ubiquitous sneers of Gerry McCann, we have often been witness to classic examples of duper's delight, none more so than here. The film stills of Gerry McCann's smirk can be accessed here.

I cannot help but ask, both myself, and those that recommended I watch this program, have we not become so inured to the appalling one sided coverage, by both the press and digital media these many years past, that we see those few crumbs, whether real or imaginary, as something far greater than what they are? Loaves in fact.



Anonymous said...

As you use Himself I have presumed throughout the years that you are a man. Now I learn that you are a woman. How strange when what was known becomes unknown.

Himself said...

And where did you learn that pray?

Anonymous said...

I would prefer this new knowledge to be untrue for several reasons. And I prefer to be correct in my assessment of how people conduct themselves. You have never appeared female to me.

Himself said...

Nor am I.

Anonymous said...

Excellent. All's well. Big smile.

Anonymous said...

Good morning H

To get back on topic with regard to the comment section:

Toe curling and astounding - from 0.38 onwards - everyone should watch this!

Duper's delight, Madeleine McCann was not abducted. NL

Himself said...

I planned on making a little something of that when I saw it, but got sidetracked with the auto de fe thing. I might still yet.