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The Disgusting Rivalries of Webcam Extortionists

This is a bizarre story, it's certainly an eye opener.
The Disgusting Rivalries of Webcam Extortionists: Kody Maxson, Viper, and r0
By Patrick McGuire
In my writing this week about the sexual extortion of Amanda Todd by an online blackmailer, I connected a man named by the New Jersey sect of Anonymous (which, by the way, suddenly appeared on the internet in the wake of Amanda’s suicide) to a horrifyingly wretched group of mentally ill pedophiles that convince young girls to strip on webcam, and then record it. Then they use this footage to blackmail the girls into providing them—and a large audience of pedophiles who follow the blackmailers’ conquests—with further strip shows, which they continue to record. While the mainstream media has failed to catch up to this story with the level of detail and attention it so desperately deserves, they have been very eager to follow Kody Maxson out of his court appearances for “unrelated... charges of sexual assault and sexual interference with a minor” and discuss the Anonymous leaks that blame Kody and a man who goes by the screen name “Viper” for Amanda’s suicide.
After further investigation into this emotionally exhausting and highly disturbing world of online blackmailers, I have found that this community not only follows and shares the screen captured images and videos of these girls, but monitors internal rivalries among the blackmailers. This competition has led me to question whether or not Kody is the sole perpetrator in Amanda’s blackmail, and has made me realize the size and depth of this horrible online culture.
The article I published on Wednesday reported that Kody Maxson (who is known online as Kody1206) blackmailed an underage girl named Peyton, as detailed in a video from a series called the Daily Capper. If you haven’t read that article, the Daily Capper is basically an online newscast for the pedophile world, hosted by a news anchor developed using footage from the kids’ show Crashbox, speaking with a dubbed-over computerized voice. Amanda Todd, who was known to this community for singing on webcam, appears in a Daily Capper video published on December 19, 2010.
In a video from October 31, 2010, the anchor reports: “Peyton claims that she is free of her blackmailer’s clutches. She went on BlogTV earlier this week and shared her story with the world about how Kody blackmailed her.” Peyton told her side of the story in a video the Daily Capper ran, which was recorded off of BlogTV: “A month ago, he recorded me for the first time and then I was stupid enough to keep doing it because he said he was never going to do it again... and he didn’t want to ruin our relationship.” It is this deception of an underage girl that won Kody the “Blackmailer of the Year” award from the Daily Capper. In that video, Peyton describes Kody’s actions over a chilling, electronic musical score that was added in for effect by the Daily Capper: “Now I know that everyone that told me that he was like, a sick pedo that records girls, were right. If he threatens me I can just threaten him right back.
” Kody Maxson has told the mainstream media that someone with the username Viper, who New Jersey Anonymous is also after, is to blame for Amanda Todd’s blackmailing. In a Daily Capper video from December 5, 2010, the newscaster discusses the relationship between Kody and Viper: “Many have been saying that Viper has always been a role model for Peyton’s blackmailer, Kody1206. It seems Kody was also working to win ‘Blackmailer of the Year’ by screening caps of Peyton on BlogTV.” Evidently, Kody and Viper were very much aware of each other, as they traveled online in the same pedophiliac circles, and if this video is correct, Kody saw himself as Viper’s apprentice.
In an email I received yesterday, an anonymous reader showed me a profile that Kody Maxson had registered for what appears to be a site that enables Halo players to join up in teams and compete against each other. If you look at his profile right now, you can see that his username on the site is Kody. The official administrative posts from the site are credited to a “Kody” as well, which suggests that he may have been running this gaming site. more


Anonymous said...

Yes, it makes me wonder were the adults were during all these years.

It’s tempting to blame social media for this tragedy. But that’s too simplistic an explanation for a string of events that include not only the original unfortunate lapse in judgment, but years of emotional and physical bullying, and a very public plea for help. It makes you wonder were the adults were during all these years. And why issues like bullying, sexting, sharing inappropriate images on social networks, and more, aren’t embedded into our daily discussions both in the classroom and out.

If we can take anything away from this sad story, I hope it’s a call to action for all adults to use this event as a catalyst to talk to the young people in your own life. Whether we like it or not, we must accept the fact that most of their lives are now being conducted online, so if we don’t learn how to speak to then about appropriate and safe online behavior, or better yet, inhabit the digital world they live in order to be better equipped to guide them through these unchartered waters—then shame on us.

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Himself said...

Good morning dear girl.

That's a better one, the other lost something in translation.

A bit naughty of plod breaking into yer man's gaff, no matter the reason.

The Yanks have a term for illegally gathered evidence: fruit of the poisoned tree.

Beg pardon, poisonous tree.

But had yer man been on wi-fi, the cops wouldn't have needed to break in, they would have sat down the block in a van and picked his key-strokes up that way.

Something to remember if you plan on overthrowing the world.

More tea. Mama's later on this afternoon.

Himself said...

One of the few Textusa's articles that I (just) managed to get to the end of; I normally fall asleep halfway.

Not bad at all.

Anonymous said...

Thank you H, learned something new. I’ve always been interested in trees. Not too sure about the poisoned one.

“I don’t think the police made this case,” says Mr. van Dijk, staring at evidence bearing Facebook Security letterhead. “I think Facebook made this case. They put it all together.”

Facebook declined to comment on any involvement in the Todd case, offering only a general statement. “In the rare instance when this illegal behaviour is detected in our community,” says a spokesman, “we have strict guidelines for working with law enforcement to bring suspected criminals to justice and keep Facebook a safe place."

Anonymous said...

I had almost forgotten about Textusa’s blogs. Long-winded, but intelligent lady (ladies), despite the - in my view - pulled out of thin air swinging theory. But, as you say, that last blog is not bad at all, excellent I’d say.

It’s just good-sense to be realistic and see that only truth will bring closure to this issue.

In short.

Good night, sweet dreams M

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