Monday, October 08, 2012

Americans, And They Wonder Why We Laugh At Them

It's somewhat of a pity that the header of this short clip gives the game away to a certain degree.  I had rather hoped to ask you to watch the clip prior to any disclosure as to who the fellow really was.

I can still do that I'm thinking, the fact that you know he's a Pol won't detract too much I don't suppose, and let's face it, it's not as though Paul Broun is a household name outside America, or inside for that matter I shouldn't wonder.

So with no display of the header from the original article, might I ask you to watch this one minute clip first and then go to the text and enjoy that "You cannot be serious" moment.

Every American has every right to be religious. And every American has every right to make religious speech (just not in places where others are compelled to listen to it or participate in it, like public schools). And every American has the right, if they so choose, to deny reality. You can argue that aliens created human technology, Santa Claus, whatever – you have that right. . . blah blah 

Now comes the cracker and the gist of the piece.

. . . The real problem, and what frustrates me to no end, is that the Republican Party would place someone like Paul Broun, who obviously has a disdain for science and the factual reality of the world around us, to THE HOUSE COMMITTEE ON SCIENCE, SPACE, AND TECHNOLOGY! Forget the fact that he’s been married four times. Forget the fact that he’s a Conservative Evangelical. These aren’t the problem. The problem is that, based upon his fundamentalist religious convictions, he DENIES the fundamental tenets of science. Yet, despite this, the Republicans named him the CHAIR of the SCIENCE SUBCOMMITTEE ON INVESTIGATIONS AND OVERSIGHT! Go to article
Footnote: I was tempted to make the header read: Republicans And They Wonder Why We Laugh At Them but to be fair, I'm sure there are plenty of Democrats who equally fit the same bill.


Anonymous said...

Considering what is on the wall behind him, Broun seems to be speaking from the Cervidae "pit of Hell"............. - catsanon

Anonymous said...

Acorn worms – enteropneusts – are studied because they provide hints at early vertebrate evolution (unless, of course, you take the side of Republican Paul Broun, a member of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, who says that evolution – along with the Big Bang theory and embryology – is a lie from the “pit of hell”).