Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Which God Is That Mitt, The One From The Planet Kolob?

I had already dismissed this speech of Romney's with the disdain it deserved, when I tweeted: I've never read so much shite in all my life. What an arsehole. But something reared its head recently that causes me to post the thing, if only for posterity.

And it is worth preserving, because I think you would have to go a long long way to find a more insidious bit of hucksterism than this display by Romney.

Mitt Romney's Virginia speech heavy on religion

By Ginger Gibson

Mitt Romney wants to be clear: He’s not taking “God” off the nation’s money or out of his party’s platform.

In a not-so-veiled attack on President Barack Obama, Romney on Saturday delivered a speech thick with religious overtones and heavy on promises to increase military spending.

While Romney never argued that Obama was trying to remove God from the nation’s currency, he argued that the election is the only way to ensure the words remain.

The Republican presidential nominee recited the Pledge of Allegiance and said he would not remove God from the nation’s conversation.

“The pledge says ‘under God.’ I will not take God out of the name of our platform. I will not take God off our coins and I will not take God out of my heart,” Romney said to loud cheers. “We’re a nation that’s bestowed by God.”

Republicans have heavily criticized Democrats after the word “God” was left out of the party platform and then returned during this week’s national convention. Obama has never proposed taking “God” off the nation’s currency.

Adding to the event’s religious theme, controversial television minister Pat Robertson was seated on stage directly behind Romney.

Returning to the campaign trail on Friday after spending several days hunkered down in Vermont doing debate preparations, Romney delivered a new stump speech that departed from his usual economy-heavy addresses.

Most of the speech was framed around the Pledge of Allegiance, which he juxtaposed against his own campaign promises and attacks against President Barack Obama.

“For me, the Pledge of Allegiance and placing our hand over our heart reminds us of the blood that was shed by our sons and daughters fighting for our liberty and sharing liberty with people around the word,” Romney said. “The promises that were made in that pledge are promises I plan on keeping if I’m president and I’ve kept them so far in my life.”

He then took several of the lines and used them as a jumping off point to explain his positions.

“One nation, indivisible,” he repeated.” I will not divide this nation. I will not apologize for America abroad and I will not apologize for Americans here at home.”

Next, he focused on the line, “with liberty and justice for all.”

“I will not forget that for us to have liberty here, for us to be able to protect ourselves from the most evil around the world, for us to share liberty with our friends around the world, we must have a military second to none, so strong no one would ever think of testing it,” he said.

The crowd of nearly 3,000 cheered when Romney pledged not to cut military spending — the Hampton Roads area of Virginia has a large presence of active duty military members and military contractors.

Romney has come under criticism from Democrats for not mentioning the troops or Afghanistan in his nomination acceptance speech at last week’s Republican National Convention.

While he continued to not offer specifics on what he would do about the situation in Afghanistan, he mentioned the troops in his remarks here.

“Our troops have been stretched to the breaking point in the conflicts they’ve been enduring, and our hearts go to those that are in far-off places today particularly those in Afghanistan who are in harm’s way. We love them, we respect them, we honor their sacrifice,” he said.

He also pledged to expand the number of ships and aircraft being purchased and the size of the active duty enlistment. He also criticized Obama for the sequestration saga.

“It’s unthinkable to Virginia, to our employment needs, but it’s also unthinkable to the ability and the commitment of America to maintain our liberty, with liberty for all,” Romney said. “If I’m president of the United States we’ll get rid of those sequestration cuts and rebuild America’s military might.”

He continued expanding on the “justice for all” line, adding his own deficit and economic pledges.

“With justice for all,” he repeated “I don’t think it’s just for the next generation for us to pass on massive debts that we have amassed and pass on a $16 trillion in debt.”

Obama’s campaign responded to Romney’s remarks by tying him to Iowa Rep. Steve King, who he stumped with on Friday, and Robertson.

“It’s disappointing to see Mitt Romney try to throw a Hail Mary by launching extreme and untrue attacks against the President and associating with some of the most strident and divisive voices in the Republican Party, including Rep. Steve King and Pat Robertson,” Obama spokesman Lis Smith said. “This isn’t a recipe for making America stronger, it’s a recipe for division and taking us backward.” Politico

Try and spot the not tooo subliminal message ladies.


Anonymous said...

Ann Romney:
It’s ridiculous to think that polygamy is still practised, and, obviously it is still practised but not by members of our faith.

Mitt Romney:
I didn’t appreciate it as much when I was a boy, my church that is. It was kind of a problem, I couldn’t do the things other kids could do ...

Oh, I see.

Himself said...

Blah blah

obviously it is still practised but not by members of our faith.

Then by whom?

He reminded me exactly of Tom Cruise, I'm a better person for, blah blah.

They don't have the slightest idea how the rest of the enlightened world vies them.

And I ain't just talking Mormons, I'm talking the whole delusional, steeped in Jesus, lot of 'em.

God bless America!

If there were a god, it would be the last place on earth he would bless.

I hate to think how many millions of people America has murdered directly and indirectly over the past sixty years.

In fact ....

John Stockwell, former CIA Station Chief in Angola in 1976, working for then Director of the CIA, George Bush. He spent 13 years in the agency. He gives a short history of CIA covert operations. He is a very compelling speaker and the highest level CIA officer to testify to the Congress about his actions. He estimates that over 6 million people have died in CIA covert actions, and this was in the late 1980's.

6 minute video.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...


When will people who fight and kill each other over God see that deep down they all belong to the same religion? The one called Assholism?

Himself said...

Mornin' Chuck,

I take it you watched the Democracy Now clip.

So much for WMDs

I think I might post it, I thought it revealing and important.

Gog and Magog Yeah right! funny but a distraction from, Iraq at all costs.

Anonymous said...

Ann Romney: biggest fear is for Mitt's "mental well-being"

Apparently she’s not the only one.

Himself said...

Tweeted. What a slime ball.

Anonymous said...

Tide For Mormons

Anonymous said...

Mitt Romney Style

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Morning Chuck, you know your way around Twitter, far better than I do.

Feeling a bit biz (shitty) of late, subsequently posts and responses quite lackadaisical.

I do however have a post earmarked, perhaps I will find some enthusiasm later today.

Anonymous said...

Hi H, it's easy being accountless.

Take it easy, have a break have a kitkat. x

Anonymous said...

The real I’m running for president Mitt Romney.

Anonymous said...

Mary Charlene‏

My vagina is terrified at the thought of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan running this country

Anonymous said...

"I'm no longer a Mormon"

Himself said...

"I'm no longer a Mormon"


Going to watch the Grand Prix.


Anonymous said...

Born to be wild <3

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Bonjour early bird.

This worm will be heading for the feathers shortly.

Oh for eight hours continuous sleep.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Thanks for that Chuck, you learn a bit o' something new every day.

I shall tweet it later.