Sunday, September 30, 2012

Mark Williams-Thomas

Mark Williams-Thomas 

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former policeman and managing director of WT Associates, a PR company specialized in child protection, media handling and advice for high profile cases, urged Portuguese police to ditch the case against the McCann – a case that he classified as “ludicrous” – and follow another lead that he thinks could take PJ to the real kidnapper.

The managing director of PR company WT Associates, who is usually introduced to Sky News viewers only as a “child protection expert” or “crime expert”, criticised Polícia Judiciária for not paying attention to “such a strong line of inquiry”. The PR expert referred that, even if “over 90% of murders are domestic-related”, he can’t “accept that Gerry and Kate as parents of the child could have been involved in her murder.”.................

...............The fact that one of the officers accused in Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral casts “huge doubt” to the managing director of WT Associates, who believes that Mr. Amaral should be ousted from the investigation of Madeleine’s case: “”Even if we work on the basis that he is innocent, given this allegation against him, he shouldn’t have anything to do with the Madeleine investigation”, the PR expert told to Sky News.

Questioned yesterday, September 14, about his business relationship, as a expert also in media handling and advice for high profile cases, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas initially confirmed that his company had a contract to provide services to the McCann. Asked to confirm some details of that business relationship, he changed his initial answer and denied any relationship, admitting only that he has “been in contact with the press officers for the family.” more
More Williams-Thomas drivel at Anorak


Anonymous said...

Mark Williams-Thomas and an opportunistic predatory paedophile.

I believe what happened on May 3 was that Madeleine woke up, cried for a short while, realised her parents weren't in the apartment as they had not come in to settle her, so she climbed out of bed and walked around the apartment.

She found the back patio door was insecure and partly open so she walked out, went down the small flight of steps and out of the gate, turning right down towards the entrance to the resort and the Tapas bar.

It was at this point that she was most likely abducted by an opportunistic predatory paedophile.

Kate and Gerry McCann, family and friends: Window, Shutters, Curtains.

McCanns outside Lisbon Court: the abductor.

From 6:45

journalist: But that is part of life, isn’t it? There’s always someone who has a different opinion.

Gerry: We are here. We are standing here in front of you. We are visible. The abductor is not.

journalist: the abductor

Kate: Yes, the abductor is not.

Gerry: We need to find out person [?] and those that are responsible.

journalist: What evidence do you have that there was an abduction. Can I ask you this question, because you say that Amaral doesn’t have

Kate: I know, I was there, I found my daughter gone, I know more than you do, I know what I saw.

journalist: I’m not saying that, I don’t know anything. I’m just standing from the point of view where I ... who to believe. I just want evidence like you say

Gerry: Where is the child? Where looking ... that evidence. Where is the child? What other explanation can explain how she’s not here.

journalist: other people have .... other explanations

Gerry: Okay, any other question before we go, because we’ve got flight ...

Anonymous said...

Martin Brunt has the facts:

No, not my conclusions, but those of British criminologist and ex-cop Mark Williams-Thomas.

So the part about Kate and Gerry McCann’s innocence is not your conclusion, Martin?

His findings, on the second anniversay of her disappearance, are based on the translation of 10,000 police documents, including witness statements, DNA reports and photographs.

Findings? Since when is an opinion a "finding"?

He says he was helped in his review by criminal profiler Professor David Wilson and a woman who speaks Portuguese.

Anonymous said...

Another error highlighted in the report was that when British "cadaver dogs" apparently caught the scent of death in the flat, Portuguese detectives did not take into account that GP Mrs McCann had come into contact with six patients who died before she went on holiday.


The claim about the DNA evidence is likely to cause the Forensic Science Service embarrassment. Last week representatives of the service went out to Portugal with Leicestershire police to try to prevent the information being made public. Mark Williams-Thomas, a former police officer and a child protection expert, who has knowledge of the report, which dedicates 50 pages to the DNA evidence, said it was "damning".

Anonymous said...

Mark William-Thomas on the McCanns

Anonymous said...

Mark Williams-Thomas told Daily Mail readers that he was “shocked by what I encountered when I spent just five minutes on a social networking site posing as a 14-year-old girl”.


“Within 90 seconds, a middle-aged man wanted to perform a sex act in front of me.”

Asked why Williams-Thomas has not identified the site on which he conducted his experiment, she [Sylvia Tidy-Harris, a spokeswoman for Williams-Thomas] said: “The reason he does not want to do that is because he does not want there to be another opening for paedophiles to head straight for.”

But don’t they already know about it? And aren’t all social media sites havens for peados, as the article leads us to believe and fear?

Incidentally, Mark Williams-Thomas is the managing director of WT Associates.

Himself said...

Good morning dear heart.

Anorak does parse things extremely well don't you think, and takes the piss in just the right degree?

That report was brought to by Maddie Industries – keeping hacks in work since 2007!

In a nutshell.

Himself said...

Stuff and nonsense.

Himself said...

More stuff and nonsense.

Himself said...

the victim of an opportunistic predatory paedophile

Yes there must be hundreds floating around a virtual ghost town, such as Pria in May, like confetti at a wedding.


Himself said...

What do a few minor discrepancies matter, it's only a sprog that's gone missing?

It would have been somewhat different if they had robbed a post office.

Himself said...

I remember that very well, well done that man.

Himself said...

How do we know it was middle-aged man? Middle-aged men on Facebook have been known to pose as 14-year-old girls.

Anorak again, Gawd love 'em.

IMO it's all drivel, just written to further Jim Gamble's CEOP agenda.

Where is he these days, he seems to have died a death?

I had to Google WT Associates Fuck me!

Himself said...

ITV said the programme, presented by former detective Mark Williams-Thomas, features contributions from several women who claim that Sir Jimmy was a sexual predator who sexually assaulted them while they were under-age.

Anonymous said...

Jim Gamble has resurrected.

Himself said...

I think that's worth a tweet when I find the corresponding post to accompany it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

"Page doesn't exist"

Anonymous said...

Disappeared. It was a "conversation" between Mark Williams-Thomas and asking him critical questions. He asked her for DM. Now she has a protected twitter account.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Indeedy Like the abduction?

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


Mark Williams-Thomas, "expert."

Mark Williams-Thomas, ex Detective Constable, lowest of the low.

Anonymous said...

Murder he wrote.

Himself said...

It's gorn whooshed, but I'm having a read ok under his tag.

Anonymous said...

murder he wrote

disappearance he writes

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Interesting little snippet Chuck.

I'm not quite sure what to make of Anna Raccoon, not that I've paid much attention to her.

In the early days, she always struck me as quite reasonable and well balanced.

Then later, there was stuff flying about, I can't remember any details, that she wasn't all she was cracked up to be, a bit of a Fifth Columnist in fact.

But having seen the opinions of some of those on "our side" I might be doing the woman an injustice.

I have, while sat here stripped to the waist, trying to cool off, had a little search for both she and MWT.

Apart from what we already know about MWT, I couldn't find anything worth linking to.

But no search bar.

Himself said...

I have, while sat here stripped to the waist, trying to cool off,

Sorry, after doing the housework.

By the by, I downloaded this very handy little add-on yesterday.

I don't know which browser you use, and I don't know if it is Firefox specific, but it's good.

In fact I shall do the same for the other machine right now.