Thursday, December 25, 2008

Thought For Today: 25th December

While untold millions are celebrating Christmas this morning for a variety of reasons, tradition and the shutting of factory gates being not the least of those reasons, there are still untold millions that are celebrating for one particular reason.

They, those other untold millions, are celebrating no less than the virgin birth of their personal saviour their Lord Jesus Christ and as such they celebrate all that goes with it, from immaculate conception to a God created universe.

It is this God created universe that is my little thought for today.

There are those among us, by far cleverer than you or I, that have arrived at a figure for the size of the universe.
Now I'm not going to be ungracious and say they have this figure spot on, no I'm quite prepared to afford them some degree of leeway, shall we say ten percent, twenty even? but whatever leeway I grant it must be remembered that this leeway is plus or minus, but for the sake of academia let us run with the proffered figure.

One Hundred and Fifty Six Billion light years, I will say it again, One Hundred and Fifty Six Billion light years, billion light years! billion light years! it's a pretty awe inspiring number you have to admit.

This Universe then created by our own super being, our own super being put it all there in just one day, so we on this dust mote of a planet could look up at all the wonders of the sky and know that it was our super being that put it there.

And put it there for us.

To those millions of people I can say but this; your stupidity is only matched by your arrogance.

Happy Christmas.

If you've ever wondered how big the universe is, you're not alone. Astronomers have long pondered this, too, and they've had a hard time figuring it out. Now an estimate has been made, and its a whopper.

The universe is at least 156 billion light-years wide.

In the new study, researchers examined primordial radiation imprinted on the cosmos. Among their conclusions is that it is less likely that there is some crazy cosmic "hall of mirrors" that would cause one object to be visible in two locations. And they've ruled out the idea that we could peer deep into space and time and see our own planet in its youth.

First, let's see why the size is a number you've never heard of before. more

And should the title header attract but a few of those millions and if any of those few have managed to get this far down the page, and if but just one of those few presses this link to the Hubble Site and opens up some of the photographs, then that one person might just be in awe of what he sees there, and that one person might start to question his own beliefs, and if he did, then I could not have given a finer Yuletide gift.

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