Monday, April 04, 2016

An Open Letter to Operation Grange

With not everyone having a Facebook account, I thought I would import this in its entirety.

 John Coxon 22 hrs

I wish to register a formal complaint in regard to Operation Grange , the so called Met Police search for Madeleine McCann.

I do so on the following grounds.

1/ It has blatantly and inexplicably failed to look at the parents and accompanying party as suspects in the investigation.

This is in complete disregard to the findings in the original Portuguese investigation.


A/ multiple and significant discrepancies in their accounts

B/ deletion of mobile phone data and obstruction of evidence

C/ multiple indications by forensic cadaver and blood dogs in their apartment on Kate McCann's clothing , the child's toy and on a vehicle they hired 3 weeks after her disappearance.Also a close DNA match found in the boot of the same vehicle.

D/ An eye witness account naming Gerry McCann as the so called prime suspect, Smith man.

E/ The McCanns refusal to cooperate , answer questions and take part in a reconstruction which shelved the original enquiry

F/ Allegations from two healthcare professionals that at least one of the party , doctor David Payne is a paedophile.

They were made suspects for all these perfectly valid reasons , it is apparent that Operation Grange has failed to address a single one of them. The Portuguese closing report does not exonerate them at all , I presume during the 5 years of its existence Grange was aware of these matters , yet has acted as if none of this ever happened.

More specifically , Met police chief Hogan Howe has on at least one occasion claimed the McCanns have been " ruled out" , firstly , this is at complete odds with Granges opening statement which claims " treat the abduction as if it happened yesterday" clearly implying they were totally off the table from the start , secondly it is simply impossible as there is no independent evidence that exonerates them and if there was the McCanns publicity machine would be screaming it from the roof tops.

2/ It is apparent lines of enquiry have been leaked to the media. If this were the case and a live child were being held captive , it would clearly endanger that individuals life, obviously a totally unacceptable situation. Furthermore these leaks have frequently coincided with an ongoing civil case the McCanns are fighting in Portugal , too frequently for comfort.

3/ This failure to investigate properly has boosted the McCanns public profile, helped promote KMs book sales and enabled them to take on further projects. Do you believe , for instance KM would have been made an ambassador for a charity had the Met asked her the same 48 questions she refused to answer in Portugal? I doubt it.

4/ Grange has wasted huge amounts of public money and police time chasing shadows in Portugal which its legal advisors must surely have told them were not viable lines of enquiry. In other words it has done a lot of work and spent a lot of money for the sake of doing it , no other credible reason.

The conclusions here are blatantly obvious.

Operation Grange is a whitewash - a vast PR exercise to promote an abduction scenario that not one shred of evidence exists to support ever even happened.

The implications are equally obvious .

A/ It obstructs the real police investigation going on
in Portugal

B/ It potentially supports a criminal fraud of huge proportions the McCanns ongoing business.

C/ It undermines the entire credibility of the whole Metropolitan Police Service ( as if it needed any further help)

D/ It threatens the credibility of the entire UK criminal justice system.
In summary Grange is simply corrupt , it has misappropriated huge amounts of public money , it potentially lets child murderers walk free, it is beyond a disgrace, it is worthy of extensive investigation in itself , that day can't come soon enough.
 John Coxon

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Anonymous said...

I don't understand how anyone could think Op Grange is anything other than a whitewash. Based on the facts contained in this letter alone, there is no way SY is preparing a 'secret' or any other kind of case against the McCs and/or the Tapas group. More like it exists primarily to manipulate public perceptions, to interfere with the PJ investigation, and to strategically leak 'sensational' case details each time Goncalo Amaral makes a bit of headway in his case. The mere fact that it has no jurisdiction in the case and can neither arrest nor prosecute suspects is prima facie evidence that it has no *proper* role in the case.


Martin Roberts said...

Whodunnit 4.4 @19:36

You're not wrong!

Same Beans, Different Grounds (27.4.2012)

Wake Up and Smell the Coffee (18.2.2010)

Himself said...

When People Take The Piss

Himself said...

whodunnit 4 April 2016 at 19:36

I don't understand how anyone could think Op Grange is anything other than a whitewash.

For reasons best understood by themselves, and incredible as it may seem, there is still a majority of people who hold faith with the Met.

Whatever those reasons might encompass, I fear logic and common sense are not to be included.

And I despair.

Himself said...

As I said, I despair.

Karl said...

The letter should be set up as a petition, allowing people to sign up to it, and then handed to the govt or SY.

Himself said...

Thank you, but my faith in petitions is equalled only by my faith in prayers.

The end result being the same.

Himself said...

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @15:32

Meanwhile Clarence Mitchell had already begun taking bids for next year's exclusives.

Does he know something we don't?

Anonymous said...

Martin R. 11.4 @16:33

KM (in 'madeleine'):

“We heard from Clarence that evening [8 September 2007]. Before long Justine would be moving on to pursue her political career and we’d always hoped he would be able to return as our family spokesperson. The government, however, had other ideas. They forbade him from any further involvement with us because of our arguido status. Clarence was very upset, as were we. This was the first sign we had of doors starting to close on us because of this unwarranted stigma. We felt that our government had abandoned us. It hadn’t occurred to me that they wouldn’t protect us and I berated myself, once again, for my naivety. I knew the situation was bad but I still didn’t fully appreciate just how detrimental the recent turn of events would be to us and to Madeleine.”

Clarence Mitchell knows something we don't. M

Martin Roberts said...

M @08:55

"Clarence Mitchell knows something we don't."

I suspected as much.

JNH said...

In my opinion, this is an excellent summary of the manifest problems with OG (also quite fittingly known elsewhere as 'Opera ghost' - I'm sure AL Webber couldn't conceive of such an expensive farce as The Met have).

However, my complete lack of faith in the operation presently still won't allow me to refer to it as a 'whitewash', essentially as it's not over. Certainly that time looks to be approaching, but will we even then be able to call it such, as we surely must ask, what will have been 'washed away', precisely?

It's my view that the guilty will always be known, whether convicted in a criminal court, or not:

Certainly anyone contributing to the material facts of what happened in PDL in 2007, along with the many so-called 'professionals' who've tainted themselves in any way with those responsible for the tragic child's demise since then :( (how plentiful these are, perhaps it's the money to be made!); these will never be able to wash the blood from their hands, nor the memory or disgustingly abandoned consciences (where they exist) which their actions have proven, forever.

There will only ever be a whitewash, should that time come, according to the law of absolute brutes, who choose a life of oppression for their own betterment.

Martin Roberts said...

JNH @16:28

Wise words.

An analogous situation springs to mind:

Himself said...

JNH @16:28

Although you are not dismissing a cover-up entirely, perhaps we can change the semantics a tad. Let us perhaps interpret the term whitewash as lack of political will to see this thing solved. It's much the same thing.

But then I find it hard not to call a spade a spade, or whitewash if you will, when the Met actually issues an age progression graphic of Madeleine McCann.

In the simple world that I inhabit, I need nothing other than this Met issued graphic to tell me all and everything I need to know about the legitimacy of Operation Grange. Not to mention the passing of five years without the slightest hint of a result.

Couple that with this unforgivable photo on behalf of the Home Secretary and I rest my case.

these will never be able to wash the blood from their hands, nor the memory or disgustingly abandoned consciences (where they exist) which their actions have proven, forever.

Do you honestly think they give a toss?

A little reading, the result of a search for 'whitewash.'

As a Society, We Need to Know How That Occurred

Review By Uk Police. Nonsense Or The Thin End of Of a Proposed Whitewash?

Martin Roberts said...

Himself 12.4 @18:59

A pound for your prescience! (quite a few pounds actually)


"So easy to forget, perhaps the McCanns might issue a new aged progressed image of the dead girl. CEOP endorsed of course, it must be that, it wouldn't be legitimate otherwise; would it?"

And two years later they duly obliged. Nay, they went one better, securing the artistic services of the Met (as recorded in another of your links)

"Haunting images were released by police this week of Madeleine McCann as she might look today — a smiling, nine-year-old schoolgirl without a care in the world."

On the scale of 'appalling' it's up there with TB's acquiescence to the invasion of Iraq, despite the enormous disparity in the number of lives squandered. Oh. Hang on. Wasn't he still PM come May 2007?

Himself said...

M R 13 April 2016 at 09:44

Prescience or just a bit of northern nous? The latter I think, but I thank you nonetheless for the compliment.

On the scale of 'appalling'

Indeed Sir, just one entry in the The McCann Gallery of Obscenities.

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @14:46 (four from bottom).

I wouldn't have given it much thought before now, but isn't Jane Tanner's particularly anxious expression (lips AND hands), coupled with the singular absence of her partner, curious to say the least?

Himself said...

M R 15:08

I wouldn't have given it much thought before now, but isn't Jane Tanner's particularly anxious expression . . .

And so might you be if you had crossed the Rubicon with the same finality as Tanner and her cohorts.

Starting: These were my thoughts at the time, having watched the Tapas Seven outside the High Court.

But silly of me really, such observations only apply in a:

Ain't that so Mr Chicken?

Yes quite.

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @15:48

Not 'arf.

But, since they all crossed the Rubicon together, I was thinking more along the lines of the stoic looks on the faces of five, versus the impression given by the one on the end that she is dreading the call to the headteacher's office.

From more recent readings of their respective utterances, I sense that The Tanner/O'Brien axis is possibly the one closest the bunker (as in bomb shelter, not golf), whereas all this time the emphasis has been largely on DP.

Lesly Finn said...

What might ROB been busy with? Not convinced it was his smallest child, who had been lugged to the beach and the Paraiso tea party earlier on.

Martin Roberts said...

Lesly Finn @06:59

"What might ROB been busy with?"

I don't know Lesly, but on the face of it ROB was the only one who could not or would not get the day off work to fetch his 30 pieces of silver (neither MO nor DP left it to their partners to do so - and mother came too).

More significantly, the duo told a story in unison concerning the Tapas Block booking and the reason behind it. They were the only ones to do so. JT was also keen to emphasize that ROB could not have been responsible for the booking (made by a tall thin male in the company of a young girl on Sunday morning) whilst everyone else cast their vote in favour of RO doing so on the Monday night - a hint that Tanner and O'Brien knew something about the situation in PdL before the rest of the group.

Martin Roberts said...

Looks like we've been right all along!

Himself said...


For all its faults, at least the members of CMoMM are under no illusions as to the role of Grange. I know if I go on twitter now, there will still be those who interpret "one lead" as meaning the McCanns.

I'll guarantee it.

How sad is that?

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @13:36

I bet it's not the subject of Blacksmith's next blog!

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @13:26

You've just won your bet re #McCann:

The Suppressionals ‏@1matthewwright1 · 10m10 minutes ago

The Suppressionals Retweeted JillyCL

only the NOT SUSPECTS left now #mccann

Himself said...

Weeps tears of despair.

Anonymous said...

The wish is father to the thought.

A quote from the fictional detective Sherlock Holmes.


Anonymous said...

Nick Ferrari - It takes thirty officers?!

Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe - Well, err, yep, but just bear in mind what happened there, so you got thousands of pages, I went in to one of our police stations back in 2011 and there was a whole room full of documents that this inquiry had produced, you know, from the hundreds of witnesses statements, to all every card they checked out, from all, you know, these inquiries for those who don't get involved in them don't realize just what they generate, huge amounts of material, and of course, these all have to be translated.

Martin Roberts said...

M 26.4 @21:39

Denise Thomson I aee. Pity she didn't adopt that attitude when considering the 'rubbish' surrounding the pyjama photos!

Any word yet from Luis Forra, Denise?

Martin Roberts said...

M 26.4 @22:39

The analogy is here: (All the Premier's Men, 29.4.14 at

Martin Roberts said...

M 26.4 @22:39

And here ('Taking Stock', 9.12.14)

DCI Redwood (4.7.2013): “Well, as we have worked carefully over the last sort of two years, through that review process, we have now processed some 30,000 documents”.

DCI Redwood (three months later, 4.10.2103): “The total number of documents we have to go through is 39,148, of we have processed 21,614 so far”.