Tuesday, September 09, 2014

The Lost World Of Mitchell And Kenyon with Dan Cruickshank

I had, in a previous post, bemoaned the vandalism visited upon Blackpool's Victoria pier, (North) by the then Borough Council of the day. Inasmuch as they stripped the old girl of her magnificent Victorian ironwork and replaced it the very worst of Twentieth Century Modern.

It was only by chance, earlier today, that I stumbled upon the first clip which gives us a hint of former days of elegance and grace. To say nothing of the popularity of the pier and the resort in general.

And as things do, that led to me posting the The Lost World Of Mitchell And Kenyon, early, everyday film of everyday life, that be good luck and good fortune fortune, remains with us today.

Victorian Britain - Seaside Holidays

Thanks to uploader Mr Allsop

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The Lost World Of Mitchell And Kenyon
The series showcases films made by Mitchell and Kenyon, lost for almost a century, rediscovered in 1994 and restored by the BFI. Most of the films are simply records of life, sport and culture at the beginning of the 20th century.

Dan Cruickshank presents and narrates the series; in addition, descendants of some of the people featured in the original films provide commentaries upon them; and (in what many critics considered the series' weakest feature) scenes from the life and work of filmmakers Sagar Mitchell and James Kenyon are dramatized in speeded-up form like incorrectly screened silent movies (although the actual film excerpts are shown at the correct speed.

With sincere thanks to uploader Kay Dee.

The Lost World Of Mitchell And Kenyon

A little bonus, pictures from the streets in London of the 1876-1877 Depicting the good old days.

Thanks to uploader MarcM77

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