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Buried by the Mainstream Media - Investigative Documentary on the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann

Presented without preamble, other than to say, for the most, I fully endorse this four part documentary on the Disappearance of Madeleine McCann. How could I not, given the coverage therein, reflects ninety five percent of my own coverage of this affront to the many values we hold dear, not least the truth.

I might if I may, ask you first to watch thirty seconds of Detective Chief Inspector, Andy redwood of the Metropolitan Police, who heads the government ordered review of the Madeleine McCann affair.

That which can be destroyed by the truth, should be.
 – PC Hodgell


Buried by the Mainstream Media - The True Story of Madeleine McCann

The Madeleine McCann disappearance has become one of the most enduring mysteries of our time. It has generated thousands
of front page headlines in the UK press. Despite the unprecedented coverage, few people have any detailed understanding of the circumstantial and physical evidence of the case. The mainstream media has been used to create diversion and confusion over what really happened, rather than inform their readers about the facts.

The first film in this series, entitled “The Initial Storm” examines in a level of detail never described before in any TV documentary, the evidence of the first night when Madeleine is alleged to have disappeared. The second film, “Dogs Don’t Lie”, reports on the compelling findings of one of the worlds top sniffer dog handlers, Martin Grime, whose two dogs searched for scent at key locations in Praia Da Luz. The third film exposes the so called private investigations instigated by the McCanns, details of which have never been aired on TV before.
We reveal evidence and detailed testimony about the government agencies who were claiming to be searching for Madeleine or helping the McCanns, but was this really their agenda? Our four documentaries represent the most detailed film based analysis of the Madeleine McCann story, leaving the viewer with an understanding of the comprehensive establishment led cover up, and offer suggestions as to what all the evidence really points to.

Part one on BlipTV Richplanet

Three things cannot be long hidden: the sun, the moon, and the truth. Buddha


Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this here. I watched it all yesterday morning when I first heard about it and what is most impressive is that everything we have all known is set out unequivocally for all less familiar with the facts to see. Anyone who watches this can no longer be fooled. Whether or not this pair ever stand in the dock, sentence has been passed. I'll be very interested to see Hall's future programme on Murat. Also an analysis of WHY their masquerade as celebrities was allowed to reach the heights that it did, given that all involved knew the truth, would be an excellent topic for a film maker to tackle.

Anonymous said...

If this story was "Buried by the mainstream media" then why exactly did the Mccanns et al sue the Express Group in 2008?

Anonymous said...

Because they believed they had licence to do what they liked. And indeed they did because the establishment was covering up what really happened. The only mystery in this case is WHY the death of the little girl was to be covered up. The McCanns' charade has only been exposed because of the alternative media that is the internet. In the UK there is a long long history of establishment manipulation.

Himself said...

Whereas I might agree Murat comes across as a bit hinky, I think Hall would have to be far more careful in his approach regarding Murat and even more careful as to the source of his research.

Tony Bennett is not the definitive source for anybody's research. More particularly, Bennett's theories regarding the Smith sighting, which Hall seems to have echoed, and which, in the opinion of myself and the majority of others, is totally wrong.

Smith saw Gerry McCann carrying the body of Madeleine towards the beach that night; end of.

It is these two areas, Murat and Smith, that let the film down badly.

I think Mr Hall's efforts would be better spent, expanding the many other aspects of this case that he has already touched on, not pursuing any tenuous link that there may be between Murat and McCann.

And if he did prove a link, so what? All it would prove is that this case abounds with liars, something we are already well aware of. It would hardly be a case buster in any event.

Thank you for your comment.

Himself said...

10 August 2014 10:21


Anonymous said...

This is only my opinion but I hope it gives you some food for thought.

I live in rural France in a very small town. It is a bit like Praia de Luz in that there is a small resident population of ex-pats along with the locals. We have a chap here who speaks fluent French and has styled himself as the King of the Village. Indeed, one of his nicknames is The Only King in the Village, the Colonel, and so on.

I can see a lot of Robert Murat in this chap. Knows everybody, hangs around the bar laughing with his mates - who when you step back and look are sadly not his real friends. Completely by co-incidence, this guy is also an estate agent which I gather RM dabbled in.

Every village has one. Whilst I think Robert Murat may have pompous intentions, styling himself at first as the important ex-pat in Luz, this soon overtook him and he probably regrets it.

Is he a buffoon? Most probably. Is that a crime compared to the McCanns? No way.

There is a back story. It is known that GM and RM phones were on and off at similar times but that may be co-incidence. It is fair comment to question Murat's role in this story but there is not much. You can see what the PJ think in the files and in terms of quantity, very little. I think Richard Hall's next documentary could be to examine Robert Murat more closely. And I think he will probably end up proving him not guilty of anything apart from being impressed by his own importance.

Himself said...

Every village has one.

They do indeed, although in the case I have in mind, our Colonel was but a mere Capitan, though you wouldn't have know, being resplendent in the ubiquitous ex army kit of cravat and blazer.

Informing us that his name was xxxx Finchet-Maddock, he was immediately, and permanently, re-christened, Scratchit-Bollocks by one of the local wags.

Something I add, he never quite saw the humour therein.

The topic of Murat naturally appeared after Hall's film. I tweeted this shortly afterwards.

O'Brien (prevaricating in his rogatory) Murat, & something not quite right.

Which you may find of interest. Much depends of course, on your familiarity with the case. Some, but not all things that are writ, do require esoteric knowledge for a full understanding.

Hopefully though, that requirement is minimal should you chance my other blogs, the first being probably the most informative and is subject to topic tagging in the sidebar.

I do hope Mr Hall doesn't go wandering off on the Murat tangent, I think it will prove little. Far better he turn his attention to the likes of Jim Gamble's very suspect role in all this. As indeed I have myself, with nary a peep out of the man in response.

But that said, he is but one of many that wouldn't stand a closer inspection.

As for the rest of your comment, I note. Not least living in rural France. How civilised.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting H, Richard Hall’s excellent presentation (with the exception of Bennett’s theories regarding Murat and the Smiths' sighting. M

Explanation from Richard D. Hall in comment 11 August 2014 07:09

Also, interesting comment Anonymous 11 August 2014 23:13
@ Richard D. Hall

Anonymous said...

Martin Smith has watched the four parts of Richard Hall’s documentary which he found very interesting. He also states that the statement in the film that he was "friends with Robert Murat" is untrue, he has never been introduced to him and he merely knew him by sight.

That is exactly what Martin Smith has always stated and which can be read in the police files.

Anonymous said...

enlarged version

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr. Hall,

I have just watched the 4 parts of your new film "Buried by Mainstream Media etc" which I found very interesting. I would like to point out a major inaccuracy near the end of part 4 of the film where it was stated that I was "friends with Robert Murat". This statement is untrue and I would like it corrected. I had come across Mr. Murat twice in the previous 12 months, had never been introduced to him and merely knew him by sight.

Yours sincerely,

Martin Smith.

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