Thursday, June 19, 2014

Picture Dump

06 September

25 July

Slug deterrent? Only time will tell. Truth be told, gardening isn't me, let alone talking about it.


su said...

Why do I feel this goes beyond slug repellent?

Because if it is about slugs well then crushed egg shells works best and if it is about floral reconstruction in searches well i am lost.

Anonymous said...


Compliments from a hand picker.


Himself said...

I don't know, why do you?

and if it is about floral reconstruction in searches well i am lost.

Not half as lost as I?

Sea shells work equally well, so I'm told.

See shells and guess eggs.

Himself said...

It's the interweb thingy Maren, there's all kinds of stuff on it.

But not exactly that. What I did see, was a section of plastic bottle with a piece of wire wrapped round it. I can build a better mousetrap thought I.

Still there this morning and coming on a storm.

More babies in the garage germinating, they can interspace on the other side of the trellis.

Anonymous said...

Now Teddy, what is it that you are growing?

Himself said...

Well, under normal circumstances, one where I might not be misconstrued, I would describe them as happy plants. That being the way I always think about sunflowers; happy flowers.

But then, there's happy and there's happy I guess.

Sudheer Yadav said...
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Himself said...

Sudheer Yadav

Don't spam my blog you cunt.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Posted by flowerfarmer Jul 31, 06 at 8:38

You cannot cut the sunflower when the buds are just showing color. You have to wait until a couple of the petals are just starting to lift off the disk.

Himself said...

Interesting little page, thank you Chuck.

I thought I might cut them for Mama, something to possibly cheer her up. My brother (who I have managed to avoid, we are close like that)has/is returned to Australia today after a four week visit.

I shall pop out and see what stage they are at.

Another week I guess.

The tall one in the photo's is having babies, I didn't know these single flower variety did that. Then, truth be told, I never did know a great deal about this gardening lark.

But I'm learning, if you know what I mean? Still at it.