Thursday, October 24, 2013

"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" Physics Over Fiction

No hype required, for what I must assume, is the definitive 9/11 investigative documentary.

All I will say, apart from mentioning the sheer hubris and audacity of the scheme, is that the "Debunkers" come across as extremely fervent and extremely well funded. But of their arguments? I shall leave you to draw your own conclusions.

And lastly, but still staying with the debunkers, Popular Mechanics is owned by the Hearst Corporation, if you get to wondering.

eta My original title was to be:  "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor"  Facts  Over Fiction But the term Fact leaves itself open to interpretation and to argument. But not so with our old friend Physics. Physics is fact, undeniable and unarguable.

View here, or view at source, where you will find an index of the film's contents.

The thing is lengthy, five hours in total, but in truth, the time flew by, it didn't seem five minutes, such was the quality of both research and content.

"September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor" is a 5 hour documentary that summarizes 12 years of public debate on 9/11. While aimed primarily at a general, uninformed audience, the film also contains some new findings that may be of interest to advanced researchers.

This film is intended as an educational, non-profit operation, and must remain so in order to fulfill all the requirements for the usage of copyrighted material. As such, the entire film is made available online for free from day one. Any purchase of the actual DVD will be considered as a form of donation to the author, in recognition of the time spent to put together this material. Free duplication and distribution of all DVDs is encouraged.

You can also purchase the 5-hour film in a 3 DVD set. Free duplication and distribution of all DVDs by Massimo Mazzucco is encouraged. Italian and French versions also available.To see the fully indexed film in one page go to


Anonymous said...

Very interesting , where do you buy thus from .?

Himself said...

Here I guess.

How's your Italian?

Saltwater said...

Thanks for taking the time to mention this film.
I believe it needs tremendous attention,because there has been nothing like it.
This new five-hour documentary is the Bayeux Tapestry or the Rosetta Stone of 9/11. It is the most important film of the decade.

This movie could be the one which awakens Americans to the reality of the 9/11 events.
It is TV-miniseries and theater ready, and completely professional.
This is the whole, and most importantly, the true story- with the necessary limitations and some omissions considered carefully first by the filmmaker, as he explains in an interview at

This is the definitive (so far) film that brings all the earlier efforts of the truth movement together, but makes them new,not in any sense a rehash, and makes almost everything make sense in a way that the most hardened of deniers and debunkers will have to finally accept.
This is the film that proves, beyond reasonable doubt, conspiracy, demolition of the World Trade Center with pre-placed high explosives, and more.

I think it should be Best Picture, certainly Best Documentary, at every awards show it is presented to.
It plays like a thriller. It is the farthest thing from tedious or boring.

It is not a whodunit, but a whatdunit, and that is a critical and very important point, which will hopefully allow this film into everyone's living rooms all over the country, until its undeniable truths finally turn the tide of public opinion and we begin to seriously and honestly work on the great 9/11 problem we have been, well, abused by for the past twelve years.

This movie deserves support. It is a magnificent effort.

Himself said...

Who's to argue? Not I.

I have just visited your blog. Whether you want these or not, but here are the codes for a 640 wide embedded version? But do leave a gap between if you try them.

Another thing that crossed my mind while over there, was, I wonder if he knows Cletis L Stump, he of Stump Holler fame?

Ongoing links, here

and here.

I'm not American by the way, just in case you wondered.

But I'm not still smarting, over loosing the Colonies.

Pray pardon, cancel the codes, comments wont accept them.

Himself said...

losing the Colonies

Himself said...

Camp FEMA American Lockdown

What can I say, other than, it is coming, and without doubt?

The preparations, and the legislation that sanctifies/legalises
those preparations, well it ain't an academic exercise, is it?

When Michele Bachmann and Rick Perry come across as rational and well balanced, there is something wrong with the equation.

Even though the film was pre-Snowden, the implications behind the data collection, are stark.

And none starker, than the then proposed? invasive census form. In fact I shall try and source one after this.

Before I go any further though, I must watch the part where Obama is ranting about having a domestic security apparatus in place.

I just want to see if he, and what he is saying, is as scary the second time around as it was initially.

Although I only embedded the film here, for my own ease in watching the thing, the irony isn't lost on me, that these fellows, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, they are going to be right at the top of the list.

1:06 to 1:10 mark

No, it's even scarier, because the first part of his rant, was pre-election. Subsequently going on to pass HR 1388.

One other thing that I thought quite blatant, and no doubt a contributing factor in the excessive use of force by cops everywhere, was the demonising, by the Federal Government, of just about group or organisation, no matter what they stood for. The simple fact that they had organised themselves, categorised them as enemies of the state.

And regarding police violence, that is only ever going to go in one direction.

I don't really want to parse the whole thing, but there was something in the early part that gave the memory a jolt.

Yer man, Hal Turner, I think I may have come across him before, although it would be six years ago or more. Surely there couldn't be two like him on the airways? And please, answer me that one if you are aware.

I once discussed with someone, the rantings of Adolf Hitler in his book Mein Kampf. The bottom line I suppose was, had I been a German Jew in the 1930s and read his book, I would have been long gone from Germany.

I think I could offer you lads, the very same advice today.

And not feel embarrassed about giving such advise. The writing is on the wall.