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Mark Williams-Thomas Agenda

"Child protection expert Mark Williams-Thomas" If you say so.

Mark Williams-Thomas

Mark Williams-Thomas, a former policeman and managing director of WT Associates, a PR company specialized in child protection, media handling and advice for high profile cases, urged Portuguese police to ditch the case against the McCann – a case that he classified as “ludicrous” – and follow another lead that he thinks could take PJ to the real kidnapper.
The managing director of PR company WT Associates, who is usually introduced to Sky News viewers only as a “child protection expert” or “crime expert”, criticised Polícia Judiciária for not paying attention to “such a strong line of inquiry”. The PR expert referred that, even if “over 90% of murders are domestic-related”, he can’t “accept that Gerry and Kate as parents of the child could have been involved in her murder.”.................
...............The fact that one of the officers accused in Chief-Inspector Gonçalo Amaral casts “huge doubt” to the managing director of WT Associates, who believes that Mr. Amaral should be ousted from the investigation of Madeleine’s case: “”Even if we work on the basis that he is innocent, given this allegation against him, he shouldn’t have anything to do with the Madeleine investigation”, the PR expert told to Sky News.
Questioned yesterday, September 14, about his business relationship, as a expert also in media handling and advice for high profile cases, Mr. Mark Williams-Thomas initially confirmed that his company had a contract to provide services to the McCann. Asked to confirm some details of that business relationship, he changed his initial answer and denied any relationship, admitting only that he has “been in contact with the press officers for the family.” more Paulo Reis


Anonymous said...

A holidaymaker claims he saw Madeleine McCann on board a flight from Ibiza to Munich.



Die Flughafenpolizei München weiß von nichts: "Uns ist nichts bekannt." So ein Sprecher auf Nachfrage. Auch bei der Bundespolizei am Flughafen München ging bisher keine Meldung ein, sagte ein Sprecher.


Himself said...

I saw bits of this last night via Twitter, like the Duck and the proverbial, it just runs off me these days.

Anonymous said...

At 10.41 PM on May 3 2007 a phone call was received by the Portuguese police reporting the disappearance of the three year old child Madeleine McCann. That is forty minutes after Kate McCann discovered the unambiguous physical evidence that intruders had entered their apartment, evidence that immediately convinced her "beyond any doubt", as Kate McCann has repeatedly told us, that their child had been criminally abducted.



Person Interviewed: Matthew OLDFIELD

... And I think what the reception probably did was ring the MARK WARNER people and say, there’s somebody that’s saying there’s a child missing, because by that time there were lots of MARK WARNER people around, erm, and they were very good, they, you know, they obviously, you know, got there and that might have been the impetus that got them to ring the Police, if, because I understand that there is some discrepancy about when we thought we’d called the Police and when the Police were actually called and that might be that they went on the, on that route first and then went, I think it’s Stuart HILL or, well the Manager, the sort of Manager got involved, that might have been when it occurred.

Erm, so there was plenty of running around through the back streets and back to the apartment and then, you know, where’s the, where are the Police, where are the Police, erm, and so went back down to the reception, this would have been about thirty minutes or so later, erm, back to reception, erm, and at that point, Gerry had come down as well, ...

Yes, forty minutes.

Himself said...

Yes, forty minutes.

As he says himself, John Blacksmith keeps writing this stuff with the specific aim that Amaral and his team pick these points up prior to the court hearing.

Which I think will be rather interesting.

I assume the Mcs will be there, it will look rather odd if they ain't.

Anonymous said...

The whole point of our section on the forty minute delay before the police were contacted is that Kate McCann has stated adamantly on dozens of different occasions that she instantly "knew" that the child had been abducted. Not "pretty sure", not "thought it likely", not "half-convinced". No, she "knew".

Granted, once the files were available her "knowledge", like so many of her statements, had become, shall we say, controversial, since until then she had strongly implied in her many unauthorised contacts with the media that it wasn’t just the state of the shutters and the window that had provided such certainty but other evidence known to the police that she wasn’t able to talk about. Of course no such evidence existed.

But never mind, life is short and if we listed every statement of Kate McCann's that turned out to be untrue we'd run out of ink. An open shutter, an open window and a missing child is good enough evidence of intrusion for most of us to accept and shift our arses to act on it PDQ. And since the parents and their friends, as Kate McCann herself told the police, had been checking so frequently then the abduction must have taken place very recently. Time, obviously, was of the essence.

In which case why did Kate McCann not act immediately on her privileged knowledge? Her husband was equally convinced of the abduction apparently, certain, as he told his friends, that "paedophile bastards" had taken his child. No room for doubt. So what on earth was the point of the chaotic shouting and screaming at the reception desk and the absurd and worthless scurrying to "search" the local area, calling the child’s name and banging into each other in the dark like characters in a Feydeau farce? Were the parents expecting a filthy paedophile voice to rasp out "Coo-eee we're here"?

Himself said...

All good stuff.

Maren, have you read anything on your rounds relating to the nuts and bolts of the upcoming hearing?

My instinct tells me that the Mcs must attend the court, you can't set all this in motion and not be there to answer questions.

But that's only instinct, a lawyer I ain't.

And what about Bennett, isn't he due in court soon?

Contrary to what some might believe, I hope it goes well for him. Not because I have any love for Bennett, but rather the damage it will do if they find for the Mcs. Which of course has been my argument since day one.

Himself said...

In the meantime I shall do a twitter search for #mccann

Himself said...

And having done that, searched #mccann and then clicked 'All' at the top, I know exactly why I don't follow but a couple of McCann tweeters.

Himself said...

Anonymous said...
Dutch flowers :)

Anonymous said...

Expected 13, 14, 20 and 21 September

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


Go figure!

They ought to be made to attend, failing that, the judge should find for Amaral.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

What truly ghastly people they are, and those that surround them.

Anonymous said...

Hello H. That Mrs.VH comment is telling, isn’t it? I don’t know if Mrs.VH is American, but Gerry McCann found a strange reassurance there, accidentally. Anyhow, the McCanns will agree with her or the other way around.

It's a vicious circle. Mx

Anonymous said...
January 2013

Himself said...

That Mrs.VH comment

Where chuck?

As for the rest of it, it must be wearing a bit thin, even the stupid among us aren't that stupid, except for the press.

They just think we're stupid.

I have no axe to grind with Pat Brown, other than she is typically American who engages her big fat Yanky gob, or if you will, bullshits just like the rest of them.

When she was talking about suing the Mcs for deformation, I asked the question, how on earth did she propose to do that?

Of course that kept me at the top of the shit list with all the sheeple, which, as you can imagine, really broke my heart.

You will have to read her latest for the climb down, wherever that may be.

Anonymous said...

that Mrs.VH comment

Himself said...

Ah so! That Mrs VH.

Could well be American, there is an awful lot of God about.

Anonymous said...

Brit, I think.
end page

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


Anonymous said...

Friendly debate

The Searchers. Sentimentality...

For much of the time the Amazon debate has featured the dry and not very pleasant issue of what "the authorities" might do if the child turns up, with all the unpleasant (for libertarians like us) consequences: enforced medical examinations, a further blanket of media injunctions for the good of the kiddie, and her delivery into the slippery hands of the self-important but essentially useless child protection industry, one of the greatest cons of modern UK life.

Then concerned professionals, rather like the nauseating busybody Yvonne Martin, a hero for many antis who, surprisingly, was not hurled off the Rocha Negra by David Payne for her impudence, or the Hogg woman (as in hogging our fiddled expenses), wife of Dodgy Douglas, will decide what happens to her and where the balance of [insert child protection psychobabble] lies in deciding where she should go and when.

Alive or not alive, Madeleine McCann has been killed the day her parents made her a marketable article. M

Anonymous said...

At one point in the proceedings, and I quote, Mr Justice Tugendhat said: Suppose it’s established that the Claimants had lied about what happened?

Himself said...

Good morning Maren

Thank you, I did in fact read the article at Jill Haven's forum, there was a twitter link to it.

I don't know what to think really, I certainly don't envy him, but then he has made the own rod for his back.

Once, having folded the first time, I think he should have kept it shut, because one he had folded, he was effectively finished.

I suppose there is a small chance of the whole thing backfiring on the Mcs, who knows?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

A worthy cause

Should Mr Bennett go to jail he becomes, to put it bluntly, a valuable commodity for the first time.

People instinctively recognise and respond when someone makes a sacrifice for their beliefs. And so, as both Mr Bennett and, more particularly, the McCanns should recognise, do the media.

Himself said...

A fair article I thought. Whether it turns out to be a McCann home goal, depends how the media plays it.

But going off their track record I wouldn't be so sure. It's only because of the article that I have even considered such a scenario.

Which of course has been my own argument all along.

We shall see.

Anonymous said...

I agree.

Himself said...

Why am I left with the distinct feeling that, in spite of everything, the attention whore in him is enjoying every minute of it?

If you want to keep abreast of all things sordid, this fellow is on the ball.

Himself said...

Anonymous said...
Blame it on Babylon.

Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

All a bit strange I suppose, but then strange people abound that surround this case, and none stranger than Bennett and Blacksmith.

At best I could describe Blacksmith as a tad mercurial.

that thinks it’s acceptable to defame honourable men like McAlpine defeats me. What a truly wicked thing to do!

For years I played a street violin trying to convince forum enemies of the McCanns that the refusal to base their theories on real evidence but simply to throw out accusations like confetti would ruin their cause. It has. I only regret that McAlpine is too gentle a man to make the Twitter users who’ve defamed him pay the appropriate price – personal ruin – for their behaviour, instead of settling with them, as he probably will.

Rather a strange thing to write.

And as far as the other fellow is concerned, it's still all and only about him. The bold blue that Bennett uses when parsing is an indication of that. Does it really need so much contrast?

And we mustn't forget the number of times in the past that Blacksmith has nailed Bennett to a cross, so no love lost there.

I'm just wondering if it's not time for a Bennett cartoon on Twitter, it's a while since I caused some upset.

Himself said...

Just having a read through:

Anonymous said...

Good morning H.

We crossed paths. My thoughts.

Never believed the suggestion of paedophilia as for Gerry McCann and David Payne. IMO the Gaspar statement tells a story of two doctors having no class whatsoever, just two boys thinking they’re cool. Too much emphasis has been placed on that aspect in the McCann case and I agree with Blacksmiths’ "mass hysteria" as for that.

I think the paedophilia link served the McCanns as another red herring. They (and powerful people) used it to cover up what really happened, which in my opinion has to do with Madeleine’s health, an egocentric, perfectionistic and overstressed mother with Gerry as her fourth child and that so called strong relationship.

As Gerry, due to shock, suddenly had grown up, the paedophilia link gave him the opportunity for Kate to become a sort of "opposing paedophiles" and "missing children" icon to enlighten Europe. Made in the USA "light years ahead of Europe in uniting the strands governing how to protect kids".

We [Kate and Gerry McCann] want to work with law enforcement agencies and non-governmental organisations to try to make Europe safer for all children.

Kate and I would like to encourage further debate on how Europe can best manage serious crimes such as child abduction.

A safe home in politics and another red herring, which doesn’t alter the existence of high ranking paedophiles of course. It was comforting until Jimmy Savile resurrected from the grave.

Pardon the grammar, I'm sure you get the gist. Maren

Anonymous said...

Myself and my wife Kate have been in contact with the centre almost since the day Madeleine was abducted, said Gerry.

Anonymous said...

America's child death shame.

America has the worst child abuse record in the industrialized world.

Himself said...

Hi Maren, thanks for the links.

Pray forgive if I don't comment on them, I have a bit of a disaster here at the moment.

I switched to Chrome for a browser yesterday but I seen to have lost my password manager somewhere along the way, so I can't log in to all my sites other than manually, so must try and sort it out.

Best H

Anonymous said...

Good evening H.

I would be very happy to lend a hand in solving the disaster situation, but even if I could bridge the distance, you would fall out of the frying-pan into the fire. I’ll make you some tea, real English tea of course, British style.

Good luck, no rush.

Maren x

Himself said...

Good evening dear lady,

I'm not long risen from the pit, having gone there at six of the clock.

Still can't get the thing up and running as it should be, perhaps better trying in the morning when I'm a bit fresher.

Meanwhile, back to twitter and see what's happening in the world, it's the time of day when I just read for the most part, avoiding Twitter conversations.

Unless of course I stumble across the insane, from which I have just had a reply.

Later then.

H xx

Anonymous said...

Tony, a word to the wise.

Rather than shooting arrows at Blacksmith you should be studying the detail and arguments of his posts regarding the case files and the statements where he systematically debunks their version of events, the contents of the book and their whole stories since that infamous night.

They could come in rather useful when or if you have to face your libel case.

And more wise comments from poster "Me".

Xmas Advertising Supplement

Himself said...


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Interesting.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Loosing the plot?

Anonymous said... date 06 February 2011, only info as for JB's e-mail. Strange blog by the way, "The Whistler".

Loosing the plot? No idea. I guess, cultural differences between different countries but also within one country. And, between personalities, without doubt. All those emotions, sigh.

Himself said...

Loosing the plot I think, or his ego is starting overtake him.

Anonymous said...

In addition to comment Anon 20 November 2012 10:31

June 16, 2007

Madeleine McCann Mom an Activist, May Fight Child Trafficking Fulltime.

A family friend said: "They have come to realize that this is a major issue. If they can act as figureheads then that's all well and good." Her plans come after meeting child welfare groups and politicians on trips to European capitals.

Kate said last week "This is my job now. I can see this becoming my full-time career, with this whole issue of child welfare and opposing pedophiles"

Anonymous said... Saying sorry is the easiest thing

Irrespective of the LAM thing I agree with the David Payne hysteria.

Did Payne's accusers ever consider what the consequences might be for him?

Possibly not. But why have we never heard from David Payne himself, neither about the paedophilia suggestion nor about missing Madeleine. Add the Gaspar statements from Leicestershire Police, 24 Oct 2007 Food for speculation of course.

I still think DP knows something or at least suspects something. Whatever that might be, it must be worse than being falsely accused of paedophilia.

Himself said...

I don't know where he's coming from these days.

Whatever that might be, it must be worse than being falsely accused of paedophilia.

Forget the paedophilia, he's up to his neck in a list of things as long as your arm.

We've always refused even to discuss the filth people have thrown at him after dribbling over the "evidence" which demonstrates his wickedness, just as we've always refused to discuss the claims that one of the Head Witchfinders was caught with his erect cock in his moving hand in a public lavatory some time ago. We could do so, of course, and we could use the McCann forum techniques to demand that the suspect answers our questions and demonstrates his innocence. LOL

Anonymous said...

Play the paedo card and rely upon the paedophobia to make it believable.

The McCanns were certain that Madeleine had not simply just wandered off. But, they were not certain of an abduction. They knew exactly what had happened to Madeleine.

Himself said...

I can't argue with that one Chuck.

I think it's time for an article tweet.

Anonymous said...

I looked to see who I now know to be Gerry McCann stood above me on the balcony/patio about 3 metres away speaking on a mobile phone. I cannot recall his exact words but I got the impression that he was speaking to perhaps a family member or someone he was very close to due to the nature of his conversation.

He said something along the lines of there being Paedophile gangs in Portugal and that they had abducted Madeleine. I was so shocked by this, having originally thought that she had just wandered off.

Himself said...

We went to the Millennium restaurant for breakfast the following morning, they were handing out flyers with her photograph on. Everyone was very, very upset.


Anonymous said...

I had looked up by now and we actually made eye contact, his conversation did not change at all when he realised that I was there.

Very odd since that man could have given information about Madeleine.

But Gerry was too busy with the wider agenda.

Anonymous said...

Lawyer Marcos Aragão heads for Brazil, disillusioned with the country he was born in.

Himself said...

Thanks Chuck, I did see it, it was doing the rounds first thing.

January 24th for the "trial" as far as I'm aware.

I've a good idea who else won't be there either.

Anonymous said...

How bizarre, a Love story.

Himself said...

Sick bag.

Himself said...


I passed on the video.

Anonymous said...

I can hardly believe this is real, but I assume it is. Utterly paranoid. Amazing that the women did consent to such a search. Fear and awe of the police? It’s so alien to me. M

Himself said...

You can't have a police state . . .

I shall be around for an hour or so, then it's library with Ma'ma.

Anonymous said...

26 November 2012 11:35
the McCann forum techniques

Himself said...

Well, he's certainly getting a bit of attention.

Ironically, it was just prior to that, that the Star managed to refrain from the usual and just report the facts. …

Anonymous said...

Jerry Lawton
Alipio Ribeiro, ex-director of Portuguese police, dismissed as witness after 10 minutes after admitting not read book or seen doc #McCann


Alípio Ribeiro

Alípio Ribeiro was the previous head of the Policia Judiciaria in Portugal.

On 21/10/07 he was interviewed by El Pais:

Asked about the leaks from the Portugese police:

"There has been, without doubt, but less than it would appear. The imagination of journalists has also worked hard. What is certain is that the police must have serenity to separate history, fantasy, as police. We can not get carried away with emotion, we must keep open all scenarios and walk step by step."

He confirms that the paedophile abduction theory came from the McCanns.

Asked about the McCanns' publicity campaign:

"First, we have never had insufficient means in this case, although it is true that excessive international concern has multiplied alleged sightings of the girl and red herrings to a level that would have been too high for any police of the world. Secondly, we still do not know the truth, so I could not make moral judgments on that campaign. I have no results yet, I do not know what happened that night."

Asked about the British press coverage:

"And it must be understood that the British press works that way. They said unjust things, but we could not react to this day, get to play ping pong, the Judicial Police against the British press. That game does not interest us."

Anonymous said...

@28 November 2012 08:41
Google translation

The Judicial Police Inspectors highlighted six steps to do in Portugal, under the Maddie's disappearance in Praia da Luz, Algarve, in May 2007, following the investigation that Scotland Yard is doing from England. The decision is in response to a letter rogatory sent to the Attorney General's Office last month - and these steps, found the CM, relate to a line of research that points to pedophile networks operating in the Algarve.

The line of Scotland Yard investigation points to the abduction theory, in the context of pedophilia.


26 November 2012 14:53
Play the paedo card and rely upon the paedophobia to make it believable.

With a little help from ?

Himself said...

I might go as far to say, it's not only the McCanns that are lacking "self awareness."

A big boy did it and ran away.> plod

Anonymous said...

A three-year-old child actress, bearing a striking similarity to their daughter, will double as Madeleine.

Talking of child abuse.

Himself said...

Another tweet m'darlin'.

Anonymous said...

10 October 2013

Nov 12 2013

Participants: 12

Himself said...

Participants: 12

Hiya Chuck, not had chance to open any links yet, other than above.

I've only just sat down, but I have been doing a quick search for a forum that featured MacIntyre.

Haven't found the one I was looking for, but did find these.

Allowed a small lol I think.

Later Chuck, the last Grand Prix of the year at 15:00.

Anonymous said...

@20 November 2012 10:31

Nor do I get involved with the Gaspar statements, because I think it has nothing to do with Madeleine’s disappearance.

But I concur, Kate doesn’t describe the meeting. On the other hand she can describe minutely those vivid, now cherished memories.
(page 67)

(Actually, as a very special treat, tonight they had a few crisps as well.)

Madeleine, in her Eeyore pyjamas, sitting on my lap and cuddling in - something of which she was especially fond when she was tired.

Kate’s explanation for the things she does remember, and what we may think (page 68)

A boring and redundant detail you may think (...)

As someone once said, it did leave me wondering exactly how carefully this book has been viewed by lawyers as there is no real emotion behind it, presenting more a staged front rather than an account from the heart.


Kingfisher says
August 9, 2012 at 11:13 am

(...)I can’t make head nor tail of it. Who was it who famously said something about all the confusion being a good thing?

Anonymous said...

@19 December 2012 13:07
@19 December 2012 15:45

Himself said...

Good evening Maren.

@19 December 2012 13:07
@19 December 2012 15:45

No capice.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


But no one is talking to me Maren, I'm heartbroken I tell ye, simply heartbroken.

But that's the price you pay I guess; the price for not believing in Santa.

But me? I'll talk to anybody, even Pat Brown.

Anonymous said...

Difficult to estimate for me if it is the price for not believing in Santa. People will always cling to hope against the evidence and their better judgement.

That aside, it’s also about dogma, getting lost in one’s own theory or someone else’s theory. Too much emotion, too little information (oh that dull information). A dumb thought perhaps, but I think most people are not that dumb, just dumbfounded.

One can start with a theory and then fill in the information or one can start with information and form a vision. I think you know life, are more sophisticated, and therefore you’ve got the overview and a comprehensive vision.

I also think there are far more people who would agree with you if they had dealt with the McCann case. Most people are simply not that interested or have given up, thinking it’s a lost cause. A lot worse happens after all.

Apparently, but I somewhat disagree as far as deception is concerned. That is why I think the best outcome will be that deception has failed. Then the rest will follow.

The media play a dirty game, so we do have reason for hope.

Just a theory and only my opinion of course. M

Himself said...

Yes but, and I don't think I need to say more.

Richard Dawkins - The Root of All Evil?

I do remember one formative influence in my undergraduate life. There was an elderly professor in my department who had been passionately keen on a particular theory for, oh, a number of years, and one day an American visiting researcher came and he completely and utterly disproved our old man's hypothesis.

The old man strode to the front, shook his hand and said, "My dear fellow, I wish to thank you, I have been wrong these fifteen years".

And we all clapped our hands raw. That was the scientific ideal, of somebody who had a lot invested, a lifetime almost invested in a theory, and he was rejoicing that he had been shown wrong and that scientific truth had been advanced.

(Part 1, 00:13:32)

Which I can't get to play on youtube, no matter which country (proxy) I try to access it from

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile on Twitter

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Sometimes 140 characters is far from adequate.

Anonymous said...

DECEMBER 4, 2013 AT 11:38 PM

Until I read this post, I had never heard of Mark Williams-Thomas (watching zero TV really does have some advantages). Having now visited his website and viewed a few of his YouTube vids, I get the impression that what he is most interested in is Mark Williams-Thomas. He appears to trade on a few years of coppering to present himself as some sort of savant with ‘real’ knowledge and expertise, but comes over as just another self-publicising pundit happy to take a seat on any bandwagon that’s passing his way. I have to say that, instinctively, I didn’t like and wouldn’t trust him. In the excerpts that I watched, any vestiges of real depth and objectivity, which such subjects surely demand and deserve, seemed to have been exchanged for a chatty, media savvy style which, presumably by design, pretends to inform but panders more to the public appetite for voyeurism and ‘entertainment’ than anything else. The sort of second rate quasi analysis that seems to form the mainstay of media ‘investigation’ into these dark matters is far more a part of the problem than any part of a solution.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Thanks Chuck, followed.