Friday, May 04, 2012

There'll Always Be An England: Professor Pongoo

As long as there are fellows like this around and as long as you ignore the fact he's Scottish. But I think you know where I'm coming from, it's still quintessentially the English thing to do.

Man dressed as penguin receives more votes than the Liberal Democrats
4 May 2012

A council candidate who campaigned dressed as a penguin has received more votes than the Liberal Democrats.

Professor Pongoo is an independent candidate in the Pentland Hills ward for the City of Edinburgh Council.

With 444 votes, he received more than both the Liberal Democrat candidate and the Green party candidate in the local authority elections.

The Liberal Democrat candidate Stuart Bridges received just 370 and Phyl Stuart Meyer from the Green party got 322.

Professor Pongoo, whose real name is Mike Ferrigan, carried out his campaign dressed in a penguin costume. He even promised to go to every full council meeting in the costume.

The Pentland Hills ward was one of the first to be declared at the count on Friday. The three seats were won by SNP Bill Henderson, Labour’s Ricky Henderson and Conservative Dominic Heslop. STV


MORE embarrassment was heaped on Lib Dem leader Nick Clegg today, as his party was beaten by a man dressed as a penguin in local elections in Edinburgh.

It is reported that Professor Pongoo, an independent candidate, polled 444 votes in the Pentland Hills ward for the City of Edinburgh Council.

Lib Dem candidate Stuart Bridges scored just 370 votes whilst Green candidate Phyl Stuart Meyer got 322.

Mike Ferrigan, who created the character Professor Pongoo, had promised to go to every council meeting in his penguin costume if he was elected.

The black and white outifit was a regular feature on the streets of Edinburgh, as Mr Ferrigan campaigned before last night's vote.

The embarrassment will add to Nick Clegg's misery, with his Lib Dem party having already lost 144 councillors and one council as votes continue to be counted.

There are also reports that Lib Dem candidate Brian Paddick could finish fifth in the race for Mayor of London. Express


Anonymous said...

You do realise that Edinburgh is not in England, it's the capital of Scotland?!

Himself said...

I realise that you can't read.

Anonymous said...

10 reasons for being Scottish

Himself said...

Must admit I do feel very sorry for Kate McCann.I mean, being married to a Scotsman must be awful!

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Himself said...

I have been keeping my eye on it, but I shall wait for the DNA results.

Historically he has been unjustly much maligned has our Richard, that seems to be the consensus of modern day historians.