Sunday, September 13, 2009

Read With Obama: A verdade Da Mentira- The Truth About The Lie

Enjoy your First Amendment rights, read the book the McCanns don't want you to read.

A verdade Da Mentira- The Truth Of The Lie available here for the first time in English.


Anonymous said...

10 February 2013

Really Gerry McCann wants more press controls. Dear God what on earth are we actually allowed to say in these comments? I for one am glad that I can read news and sites not already under control of ##### #c###. Am I allowed to say that much? Freely available videos, news reports, OFFICIAL documents that everyone else in the world may read, but British citizens may not. Indeed we cannot even refer to them. End this farce please before it gets any worse. The partners in the Hacked Off Campaign would be wise to get an education some seek to deny the British Public, but which is out there for you have some strange bed fellows!

Himself said...

Hello Chuck, have a nice colourful piccy.

Earth Pics ‏@BestEarthPix

Keukenhof, The Netherlands

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures, thank you.

By return

”They do eventually mix, but you do come across these really strong gradients at these specific moments in time,” he said. Such borders are never static, he added, as they move around and disappear altogether, depending on the level of sediment and the whims of the water.

Himself said...

Morning Chuck, thank you.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the River Negra - Amazon confluence.

The movie looked quite interesting. Did you ever watch Billy Elliot?

Anonymous said...

Morning H

I never watched Billy Elliot, so thanks for the link. Looks quite interesting, too. An inspirational story.

Anonymous said...

Called The Truth of the Lie, the book by Mr Amaral suggested the theory that Mr and Mrs McCann had staged an abduction to cover up the fact that Madeleine had accidentally died in the Praia da Luz holiday apartment due to their negligence.

See clicky link (The Truth of the Lie) in that article.

Interesting, to say the least.

Himself said...


I've just sat down Chuck.

My first thought, and I see no reason to waver from that, is somebody is not happy with editorial/owner control.

Second thought; who owns the paper?

Nothing very interesting there, and I can't find any reference to Murdoch searching on.

Correction: My first thought was I see Amaral is disgraced in Canada as well, but by the by.

I tried to leave a comment to that effect, but had to tweet it in the end.

Time to relax.

Himself said...

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Read With Obama: A verdade Da Mentira- The Truth A...":

That somebody is not the writer, I suppose.
(26 May 2007)

Or that somebody is just under-informed.

Not the first comment to disappear Winston's proverbial. I don't think Blogger comments has an anti-spam bot, but I wouldn't swear to it.

Mornin' Chuck.

I didn't know at first, what you were taking about, (still asleep) but then remembered the Calgary piece.

I did the same yesterday, managed to confuse myself with yours and a couple of spam comments.

Although I don't get up at sparrow fart, (English idium) I suppose the brain thinks it thus.

More tea, more tea.

Himself said...

Revised opium:

Somebody with influence at the Galgary Herald, but for whatever reasons felt obliged to run the article, is:

A: One of us.

B: Doesn't Like Fiona Govan.

C: Doesn't like the Telegraph

D: A combination of any of the above.

E: I'm talking through my arse.

Anonymous said...

F: Doesn't like Mother Teresa.

G: The wish is father to the thought.

to be continued.

Anonymous said...

Mother's Little Helper

Himself said...


I wish I could write as unemotionally as Blacksmith does.

Anonymous said...

No you don't, I wish. M

Himself said...

Mornin' Chuck, no capice.

Forty something emails to go through this morning, none of them spam, I don't get any spam come to think of it, since I switched to 1 and 1 (£70 pa)

Mostly McCann related by the looks of things. Ah well!

Anonymous said...

Good evening H

Oh, that grammar.

I mean I wish you don't wish you could write unemotionally.

From Holland. Ah well!

M xxx