Sunday, August 23, 2009

Valencia F1 Loosing The Will To Live

Without the slightest shadow of doubt, Valencia, the most dismal poxy ridiculous god-forsaken venue to ever host a Grand Prix.

A venue where you can never get an overall view or perception of the race. A venue that in terms of atmosphere reflects only and exactly what it is, an industrial dockland and absolutely no place to hold Formula One event.

Not last year, not this year not ever.

Combine that above with the incessant over emphasised ramblings of Jonathan, I'm such a loud mouthed ignorant fucking gobshite, Legard, then it really takes away my will to live.

So to Bernie Ecclestone who brought this dismal place to the Formula One calendar, you are a cunt.
To the BBC, if next year you continue your otherwise excellent coverage with Legard as part of the team then you can stick your licence fee* up your fucking arse, and I ain't kidding, I will watch it as a re-run on line,... so endeth the rant.

The winner, Rubino well done you old bugger, if it wasn't going to be a McLaren win then I cannot think of who I would rather see on the top step.

I do like Rubens he's a nice bloke and whereas I thought him well out of order with his recent outburst I can empathise with him. Having to play second fiddle to Schumaker all those years can't have been at all easy.

Not as a racing driver in his own right it can't have been, and let's face it, Rubens is racy racing driver, far more so than half the lacklustre pedestrian buggers that turn up at each race and only go through the motions.

I have done a fair bit of racing over the years albeit in a totally different animal to a F1 car, but I shared something that Rubens has, the overwhelming desire to win, and it's that overwhelming desire coupled with frustration that on the odd occasion has clouded Rubino's judgement somewhat.

That desire to be first is fundamental to all successful sportsmen not just racing drivers, it's what I believe makes the Yankees so successful in the sporting arena, we Brits might celebrate a silver or bronze medal and think we did well, to the Americans silver is the first looser.

On a slightly different note, and I don't want to write too much on the subject for I'm hoping to write much more in the near future.

It was with much wailing, wringing of hands and gnashing of teeth that I greeted the news that Juan Pablo Montoya was moving to NASCAR.
Three years leaning a new trade, two of those years operating with inferior kit, JPM is now doing pretty well, lying seventh in rankings with I think just four races to go before the cut-off for the Sprint Cup Chase where only the top twelve drivers compete for the actual cup in a series of ten races.

Whereas redneck racing wouldn't normally hold a great deal of interest for me, with Juan the man in contention I do watch it live online, race times vary depending on daytime or evening starts unfortunately a late start tonight 7pm EST here are two feeds for live viewing if don't want to watch the whole thing you can watch highlights or lap by lap at usually within twenty four hours of the end of the race.

Hubtvonline Dead as the proverbial.

Bugitty bugitty bugitty let's go racing Boys!

*License fee: £140-$230 per annum obligatory payment to the BBC by TV owners.

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