Saturday, July 16, 2016

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The time has come, I am moving on. Consequently this blog will close permanently at midnight Sunday.

I thank you all for past support and contributions.

Justice one day?


Madeleine McCann Know The Truth said...

Sorry to see you go. You have made a great contribution towards truth and justice for Madeleine. I wish you every success for future endeavours. Goodbye and take care.

rtgr said...

You will be remembered with gratitude by many.

Fare thee well! and if for ever,
Still for ever, fare thee well.


PS If it's money, I'll be the first to put my purse into my mouth. Just give us a shout, my old son. ()

Late Mrs Fenn + Himself: Its all bollocks :-):-)

Mana said...

Alamak! I'm very sorry to hear you are packing it in. Many thanks to
you, Martin Roberts and Maren for many hours of interesting reading
and with wonderful humour, too. Some of your graphics have been hysterically funny and woundingly accurate - you have a real gift for subversive protest art and I hope you are able to continue with it somehow and somewhere. Best wishes to you all xx

Anonymous said...


This is really sad news. From a purely selfish viewpoint where for inspiration? In the words of Charlie Brown..."a hot dog just doesn't taste right without a ball game in front of it"...

Anonymous said...

Although the wish is father to my thought, I remain convinced that in the end, common sense and justice will prevail.

The journey is the reward.

Thank you.


Anonymous said...

Justice one day?

So travelling with that hope, and with the certainty of her peace.

Thanks to "Himself", to Maren and to Martin.


Martin Roberts said...


It has been a pleasure and a privilege to share your platform these last few years. Thanks for all you have done here.

Bon Voyage!

Anonymous said...


Martin do we lose you too.........any thought on where we can muse on whatever you comment on please?

Martin Roberts said...

Bampots @11:01

I'm from the David Cameron school of foresight, I'm afraid - no 'plan B'.

I really don't know whether I shall (or even should) resurface at present (my immediate concern is to cut the grass!).

I may 'chip in' somewhere sometime, who knows? No promises though. If it happens, it happens.

Thanks anyway to yourself and other readers for your encouragement and thoughtful contributions to past debate. I'm obliged to you all, not least 'Himself', for sustaining an oasis of rationality in a desert of deceit.

Kind regards

Martin R.

Anonymous said...

Dear god no himself. Do you not think we are getting near the end. I so much enjoy all your writings. Dr Roberts writings too wil also be a great loss to the case. Please Martin don't desert us


Anonymous said...

The same question as in Anon 17 July 2016 at 11:01 to 'Agnos', 'Maren' and 'Bampots'.

Anonymous said...

So sorry, have enjoyed your articles over the years, I wish you would reconsider, I am quite bereft.

Himself said...

Thank you all so very much for your kind thoughts and good wishes.

I have been blogging for ten years now, many of those years given over solely to seeking justice for a little girl who was dead before we knew her name. To borrow a phrase.

It's not that I care any less for the fate of the poor wee mite, nor for the justice denied that is rightly hers, it's just that I have run out of steam. No steam, no creativity.

But it was never going to be forever. As I have said in the past, as we older ones fade away, hopefully younger ones will take up the banner with all the verve and drive that is typical of younger minds.

If nothing else comes out of all this, at least you now know well your government. A shabby bunch to put it mildly. Maybe one day, they will get theirs?

Peace and safety to you all.

Remembering Linda Baki and Brenda Leyland.

And Theresa May.

Anonymous said...

Feeling really sad today it's like a bereavement. Could you not just hang on until the closure of the McCann case by OG? We have also got to find out what is happening to Snr Amaral - I cannot imagine going through such important issues without the input of yourself, Dr Roberts and Miran. PLEASE! Reconsider!

JNH said...

So so sad, the abundance of wit (though definitively not all humorous) will be greatly missed.

There are few blogs which I've relied upon in this eternally lasting decade, and this is most certainly one of them - Fare thee well for all pastures anew amid such a creative mind, it is what defines you.

I only wish I was worthy to paint a fitting tribute, although perhaps that thought alone may warm you; as you have I many times.

Au revoir from a friend,

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @13:43

We are inextricably entwined, lol. But seriously, there’s little more to add, I think. To quote a great writer: “Personally, I do not believe the McCanns themselves were (or are) of particular importance.” Nor do I, but time will tell.

You all have achieved so much. I know for sure that, in spite of politics, there will always be a Great Britain.

Tot ziens!


Trust the dogs said...


Please consider postponing your departure. I am also ready to contribute a few notes of the realm if it will help. Your blog is of crucial importance to our cause.

Warmest regards and many thanks for all your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Can't find the right words to thank all you've given us accross the years.
For me this blog is much more than Madeleine, it's a place where several matters are dwelt with inteligence.

You'll be missed.

Anonymous said...


Please consider postponing your departure. I am also ready to make a monetary contribute if it helps. Your blog is of crucial importance to the cause.

Warmest regards and many thanks for all your efforts.

Trust the dogs said...

@17:10 post is mine. Sorry

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @13.43,

As so often has been the case, I can only echo what Maren has said before me (@15.25).

So...Tot ziens!

(And with best wishes)


Jill Havern - CMOMM said...

Awww, sorry to hear this Himself, but I think many of us are now flogging a dead horse, especially at the moment.

As you said on an earlier comments page:

"for old times sake"

Big hug right back at you H. And thank you for all the help you gave me back in the day.

Keep well and enjoy your "moving on" thingy.

P.S. Mind you, I remember you saying years ago that you were "moving on" cos of going off to enjoy the summer (which seems to have arrived today!) so you never know, you may well be back - especially if the truth ever does come out!

Take care, and thank you for your McCann Galleries xx

Himself said...

Thanks Jill. Be safe.

Himself said...

Maren, I upped this to the post below. I would hate to close tonight wondering if you had or hadn't seen it.

Maren, dearheart.

It has been both a pleasure and an honour to have shared the time and the interaction with such a dear, aware lady as yourself.

Your input and perception has been as acute as could be wished for, you really are a special lady. And this to say nothing of your much deserved status as honorary oop-norther.

Now where did I leave my bleedin' car?

Fondly and respectfully yours.

H xxx

Anonymous said...

Thank you Himself.

I wish you and all contributors and commentators well and contentment.

It's been a beautiful day today and I am enjoying it immensely and intend to enjoy tomorrow too whatever the weather.

Many thanks and much appreciation to you Himself once again.

Amanda S

Anonymous said...

Hi H

The pleasure and the honour is mine. I have loved it, more dearly than the written word can tell (even as honorary oop-norther).

Also, thanks for sustaining an oasis of rationality in a desert of deceit (partly stolen from my favourite writer).

May your bleedin’ car take you to new places. Any journey will be interesting, no doubt about that.

Best wishes to you and to your great friends.

Justice one day!

Het was een onvergetelijke reis.



Himself said...

It was a memorable trip.

Indeed xxx

Himself said...

Hopefully I have set the blog to show all previous comments.