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Kate McCann Never Less Than Dignified

Kate McCann Never Less Than Dignified

Famous faces pick their person of the year

Liz Hunt, Sunday Telegraph columnist
29 Dec 2007

Kate McCann. Madeleine’s mother suffers daily the torture of knowing she should have been there for her child and has endured the agony of being implicated in her death. Yet she has never been less than dignified, and her focus on finding her daughter has not wavered. link

Takes your breath away doesn't it?

This somewhat less than dignified begging bowl made its appearance in Pria da Luz shortly after the McCanns disappeared their daughter, Madeleine. 

And disappeared her they did, make no mistake, Madeleine McCann was not abducted. And should anybody like to argue the fact in a court of law, fine by me, bring it on. They can have their day, and I'll have mine.

Let me give you a brief analogy a shorter, hypothetical version of what you will find at the link above, the essence of the thing so to speak.

Scene, any courtroom in the land.

Gerry McCann: I apologise for being late your honour, my car had a punctured tyre.

Judge: Sergeant, please check Mr McCann's car.


Sergeant: No sign of a flat tyre m'Lud.

Judge: Mr McCann, that defence may be good enough for the Home Secretary and the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, but it is not acceptable to this court. (Take him down)

For flat tyre substitute jemmied shutters. (Take him down again)

Good enough for the Home Secretary; it must be mustn't it, why else would Theresa May be in the same room as Kate McCann, let alone rubbing shoulders with the woman.

Well not quite rubbing shoulders, I think a little body language, intentional or otherwise, has come to the fore in that picture. I don't know what that says to you dear reader, but I know what it says to me?

Tut tut Theresa, surely Kate McCann no longer reeks of her daughter's cadaver, it must be something else then? Proxemics is it?

Why Theresa May you might ask? Why not, it's her watch?

For every vile stunt pulled by the McCanns has been at the pleasure of previous and present Home Secretaries.

I will just say one thing more then I shall move on to the offending article.

When this shabby edifice finally comes tumbling down, as it must, of that much you must be well aware, you won't for shame Home Secretary cry, "Well I never! Who'dathunkit? Not for shame you won't.

To dignity then and the offending article.

Do I really need to add my comments to this deplorable drivel?

No, I'm sure I don't, I don't think I have the stomach for it. What I might do however is borrow a tweet I spied yesterday, yes, that will suffice and I'm sure you might agree.

A LIST!!! a fucking list. I weep.

Gerry and Kate McCann reveal the reasons why they miss Maddie
By Tracey Kandohla
6 Nov 2015

Kate and Gerry McCann include her smile, her dimples, her sense of humour, her “chat” and her excitement in the festive build-up
The parents of Madeleine McCann have compiled a heart-rending list of all the things they miss about their long-lost daughter in the run-up to Christmas.
The list accompanies a picture of the couple standing at their front door in Rothley, Leics.

The photo, taken for the charity Missing People’s Home for Christmas Exhibition, is among 12 pictures of -families who have missing loved ones.
The exhibition – at The Crypt in London’s St-Martin-in-the-Fields – highlights the plight of thousands of people across Britain who are living in limbo after the disappearance of a family member.

A charity spokesperson said: “These powerful images depict families standing by their front doors, symbolising the hopes and fears experienced by those desperately waiting for news.”

The picture of heart doctor Gerry and former GP Kate , both 47, is on public view until November 22. The couple, parents to 10-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, refuse to give up hope of finding their eldest child, who would now be 12.

Madeleine disappeared from a holiday apartment in Portugal’s Praia da Luz in May 2007.

Missing People’s Jo Youle said: “The exhibition will give the public the opportunity to stand with these families missing a loved one by sharing messages of support.”

Her smile
Her laughter
Her eyes
Her dimples
Her sense of humour
Her smartness
Her imitations of people and characters
Her voice, her ‘chat’
Her company
That knowing look
Her singing
Styling her hair
Chasing her round the garden
Sharing her excitement in the run-up to Christmas
Sharing anything
Spoiling her on her birthday
Shopping with her
Going to a cafe with her
Holding her, hugging her, kissing the top of her head
Lying next to her
Our complete family of five
We miss her
Who else but the Mirror?


  1. That list, compiled by the parents of Madeleine McCann, mirrors an absolute contempt for loving parents, but then again, the McCann circus has nothing do with Madeleine McCann, has it? M

    As for “Mr and Mrs McCann”; in a nutshell:

    “The couple, parents to 10-year-old twins Sean and Amelie, refuse to give up hope of finding their eldest child, who would now be 12.”


  2. A list of why they miss their daughter! I weep too. What might be the reasons why I would miss a child who had disappeared? Mine would be a list of one thing: my heart is broken. This is not about a brand of chocolate that has disappeared off the supermarket shelves and what we loved about it, it's about a supposedly well-loved child. Gimme strength!

  3. Might we not likewise ponder a (very short) list of reasons behind Kate McCann's becoming an 'ambassador' for Missing People:

    1. MP gets to add a current 'celebrity' to their rosta
    2. KM is given MP's equivalent of Harry Potter's 'cloak of invisibility'. (People will be much less inclined to hold an apparently 'noble' person to account in future - a sort of 'perish the thought' perception immunising them against suspicion).

    But how do you get a job like that? Audition for the part? Submit a C.V.? Or is it offered - and at whose suggestion?

    1. Some jolly handy timing on Mrs McCann's part, too!

  4. As usual all sugar and spice and all things nice. They forgot `Her temper tantrums` and `keeping us awake at night`

  5. Dr Roberts I understand your points 1 and 2 as to why the kate mccann became ambassador for missing people. I know that her being a narcissistic bitch would have no thoughts that somewhere down the line this whole circus was going to blow up in her face but surely someone in mp must have at some stage thought there was something fishy about the story and cautioned against appointing her


    At night we sleep with our twins to be sure they're safe
    News of the World (article no longer online)

    Maddie's mum can't be apart

    Sara Nuwar & Ross Hall in Praia da Luz, Portugal
    27 May 2007

    We are absolutely determined to get her back. But it could have been worse - we could have lost the twins too. There were three children in the room. That's the worst nightmare.

    Alternative version (with Gordon Brown contact added)

    Maddie's mum can't bear to leave them
    News of the World (article no longer online)

    At night we sleep with our twins to be sure they're safe

    Sara Nuwar & Ross Hall in Praia da Luz, Portugal
    27 May 2007

    In the couple's first newspaper interview, Kate spoke about keeping their other children safe and admitted: "The twins sleep in the bed with us now. They help us to get through this."

    She was speaking as it emerged PM-to-be Gordon Brown has had a series of phone conversations with her husband Gerry. A spokesman for the family said: "Mr Brown offered Gerry and Kate his full support in their efforts to find Madeleine."

  7. Anonymous @19:49

    "surely someone in mp must have at some stage thought there was something fishy about the story and cautioned against appointing her"

    You'd think so, wouldn't you?

    Just like when a UK 'ambassador' reported the McCanns earliest inconsistencies, and the government duly responded, not by cutting the McCanns adrift but by withdrawing said person and assigning Spinmeister Clarence Mitchell to the role of Spokesperson.

  8. Regarding Missing People, I think you are leaving an important factor out of the equation. Missing People isn't some whiter than white selfless organisation, it is a collection of self-serving, corrupt thieves that enjoy the high life on other peoples' money.

    Why wouldn't they feel comfortable inviting Madam McCann to join their ranks? Equally, there is no reason for Madam to feel uncomfortable in excepting such a post as "Ambassador."

    We do have to remember just how incestual these charities are, not to mention pro-McCann former ambassador Christopher Meyer and his Chanel clad missus. Not Missing People in the case Meyers I'll grant you, but they are all shagging each other, metaphorically or otherwise.

    And Theresa May FFS! Just Google image Theresa May Lady Catherine Meyer. If I remember correctly, there are even sub-headings for such a search. Let me check.

    No, there are no sub headings any more, that's because there are no photographs any more. And I do mean none.

    Some results may have been removed under data protection law in Europe.

    No kidding Batman, stroll on!

    Try it yourself, you won't believe the result

    lady catherine meyer theresa may+shoes

    Although it's somewhat of a digression, Catherine Meyer has her own tag on this blog. Or better put, the Meyer tag is tangential and quite germane in the grand scheme of things.

    Maybe Catherine Meyer got Madam the position Martin.

  9. Dr Roberts I do wish you could build on this theory Metaphoric Comprehension Revisited as it does seem plausible - it does need those loose ends joining up. I recall you wrote that you did most of your thinking whilst walking the dog....... Could it be walked more often haha!

  10. October 7, 2004

    Barbara Attends Star Studded Charity Gala In London

    How cosy.

  11. Himself @22:17

    "Maybe Catherine Meyer got Madam the position Martin."

    I wouldn't be at all surprised. I'm under no illusions about MP I promise you (see: Paint Your Bandwagon - McCannfiles 23.2.15).

  12. Anonymous @22:30

    Well it's either when I walk the dog or do the washing up and to be honest I'm not desperate to do more of either. That said, the following link is v. interesting in the context you suggest:

  13. Martin 23:18

    Sterling stuff Martin, sterling indeed. I could feel you bristling with indignation as I read.

    Anybody else?

    Paint Your Bandwagon is the penultimate article here.

  14. H/MR

    Talking of 'invisibility'.

    'The best shoes in town' are invisible. It reminds me of Gerry McCann's: "We are here. We are standing here in front of you. We are visible. The abductor is not."

    'Paint Your Bandwagon', excellently written.


  15. June 28, 2007
    Gerry McCann Blogs

    "Busy day- some very good phone calls with important child welfare organsations who we will be working closely with in the future. I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term.

    There has been a lot of media publicity over arrests in Spain tonight following information related to the investigation to find Madeleine. This appears to be a clear signal from European police forces that they are treating all information relating to Madeleines disappearance very seriously."

  16. Talking of arrests in Spain

    June 8, 2007

  17. Himself asks:

    Anybody else?

    Where to begin.

    List are for those things that we know, from experience, we are liable to forget: the bullet points of a life.

    As for the experience of love and of loss. Impossible.

    The American composer, John Adams, has set a poem by John Donne to music (Negative Love). It begins with a mighty, swelling chorus of one repeated word - "No". It will not be said. It can not be said.

    "I never stoop'd so low...

    If that be simply perfectest

    Which can by no way be exprest

    But Negatives, my love is so."

    (Compare and contrast)

    The world looks on, and others bemoan our lack of "credibility".

    There is nothing that might be said about the McCann case that could be less credible than the crap we have been fed for 8 years. Those who have lost sight of this have NEVER really known. The MSM are no yardstick of credibility to which anyone should have to defer or appeal.

    And then this:

    It is the totality of the evidence that matters and quibbling over stuff that really doesn't prove anything is counterproductive.

    Pat Brown: a person who knows the outcome even prior to the research.

    "EVIDENCE" is not a totality, it is rooted in precision and in detail. Anybody who believes that "quibbling" over detail is counterproductive has NEVER been associated with any practice that seeks to determine either truth or efficacy (regrettably I come to the conclusion that many have reached before me).

    "Quibbling" is why scientists submit their work to peer review. It is why the greatest logician of C20 said "Seek simplicity, but distrust it." It is why software engineers fret about readability and best practice. It is why lawyers hone every word of an argument; engineers every calculation. It is why police forces continuously liaise with lawyers and prosecution services in order to test admissibility. It is why the courts admit expert witnesses. I could go on. Such is the "reality" of those seeking to determine truth. (Some of us have been privileged enough to see such people at work, others clearly not).

    As has been said above, I look forward to any extension of the metaphor!

    Cheers all!

    Agnos (bristling)

  18. Martin Roberts 8 November 2015 at 18:41

    And again, how perceptive, Martin, particularly No 2.

    Over the years, despite the singular prominence and depth of your polemics, I have yet to come across anyone willing, even in passing, to counter your arguments.

    Stay strong, good people.

    Thank you, Himself.

    Thank you and peace to all.


  19. Peace to you too rtgr! (And many thanks to you for prior comments)


  20. Agnos 9 November 2015 at 10:50

    Thank you, Agnos.

    “I am not deserving”, Martin once said. I am certainly not. I am but a humble student of many on this blog.

    You are cool, Agnos, and kind, and interesting, and mysterious, not unlike the Tao.

    Your posts are next to Martin’s in my treasure chest, saved for those who will come after me.

    Stay strong. Or just stay.

    Peace to the Little One.


    Can someone please tell me how to italicize on this blog?

  21. Anon 10:50 Welcome

    I shall sort you first.

    Text goes between the two groups of symbols. Same for bold, only employing a b of course.

  22. LOL off to the cyberhole. I have an old post on HTML somewhere give me a moment.

  23. HTML BBCodes Hyperlink and Basic Codes

  24. Maren 22:33

    When I came across this photo (your link)

    I thought, "nice company Barbara" whoever you are? "The three women you are rubbing shoulders wouldn't stand much scrutiny."

    Whoever you are? (me) (sarcasm from the writer)

    Abducted children: a fine charitable cause. Tesco is associated with the charity. Among others, the trustees of the charity include the author Barbara Taylor Bradford, a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland and Sir Christopher Meyer, former British Ambassador to the United States. This is not all because the patrons include both Cherie Blair, wife of a former British Prime Minister and Laura Bush, wife of the former American president. A very credible selection of people.

    include the author Barbara Taylor Bradford, a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland

    Fancy that! Who else do we know connected to Special Branch Northern Ireland? Incest?

    "All roads lead to Northern Ireland" A long standing concurrence between Winnower and myself. And might yet, if Martin is anywhere near the mark.

    A Charity a Chanel Clad Lady Meyer a Scandal

    But it appears Catherine Meyer is too dodgy for even Cherie Blair, and that must be a first.

    Without any fanfare, Cherie Blair has stepped down as a patron of the charity Pact which is presided over by Lady Meyer, the wife of Sir Christopher Meyer, formerly Our Man in Washington.

    Mrs Blair’s name is no longer on the list of patrons on the charity’s website and Catherine Meyer tells Mandrake: “There is no comment I wish to make about this”.


    The article the Telegraph tried so hard to make disappear.

  25. Martin 23:18

    It doesn't actually say who pulled Kate McCann aboard the bandwagon, but an interesting observation nonetheless.

    Kate McCann Becomes Ambassador For The Charity Missing People. Odd Choice That

  26. Other responses from me? Pray forgive, a new toy has just arrived, I'm orf to play.

  27. Assuming a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland doesn't refer to author Barbara Taylor Bradford, I wonder what is the name.

  28. I don't follow you on that one, care to elaborate?

  29. Himself 9 November 2015 at 12:22

    Many thanks, kind Himself. You are a gentleman and a scholar!


  30. Hello H. I understand that author Barbara Taylor Bradford is not a former head of Special Branch in Northern Ireland, but perhaps I am mistaken. I'm from Holland. M

  31. Himself 9 November 2015 at 12:22

    The possibility of using some HTML tags is mentioned right under the comments box. How silly of me.

    Live and learn they say.

    Thanks once again.


  32. Well, rtgr you're not the only one; it happened to me, too.

    Kind regards,

  33. rtgr

    LOL so it is, but you would still have to be familiar with the closing codes to achieve any success.

    All the tools are at hand now for a blogspot blogger, but it wasn't always the case, HTML had to be written in the early days.

    Blogspot, Wordpress et al are wonderful things, apart from giving a voice to individuals, they have given us such a dynamic and vibrant internet.


  34. Maren, mon petite tulipe, I shall look into it later, I'm playing at the moment. I'm not from France.


  35. Maren 9 November 2015 at 14:06

    I am in good company then, Maren.

    May I add that your recent affectionate and immensely attractive short message for an unwelcome guest posted on another thread of this blog has been very much appreciated.

    Kind regards.


  36. Yes, I missed the html as well.... until Himself pointed it out!

    not so mysterious here!! I think Martin spotted my bias some time ago! (Epistemology etc.)

    Regards to all,


  37. Himself 9 November 2015 at 14:13

    With you guidance, I seem to have conquered the italics as in ‘scholar’ above.

    Thank you for your comments, something tells me that we are on the same page there.

    You are a generous host, Himself.

    Best wishes.


  38. Agnos 9 November 2015 at 15:15

    You also missed HTML… I am in with a good crowd!

    Baking and smelling flowers are calling (the time of day), I’ll remain with my doxa for now and would like to return to your episteme in the future if I may, dear mysterious Agnos. Mention bias, and I think of the cows coming home and the first stone.

    Best wishes.



  40. Wayback Machine

    25 May 2011

  41. 17:29
    Looks like a bot capture that one Maren. Nor is there a date on the host page. What it infers, I haven't a clue?

    T'other one I have as a post.

  42. 15:23 rtgr

    You're too kind, but I thank you nonetheless.

    If I can provide an oasis of reason in an otherwise banal or indolent world, then it is my pleasure.

    There is one place that reason can't be found anymore is the McCann tag on twitter. It is finished, to say nothing of embarrassing. The same old shite argued back and forth between the McCann believers the Op Grange believers, day in day out, and to what avail, God only knows?

    Still, I look on the bright side, one does manage to get a bit more done around the place.

  43. Agnos @08:56

    Sorry this is nearly 12 hours overdue but I've been away from home for much of the day.

    "Pat Brown: a person who knows the outcome even prior to the research" (et seq.).

    In every walk of life there are artists and artisans. The distinction is both valid and necessary, however much the latter might wish it were otherwise.

    Your observations here are accurate (and that, ironically, is an 'evidence based statement in this instance).


    Martin R.

  44. Hello Martin,
    Thank you for that - and a very tidy distinction. They were disappointing posts to read from PB (to say the least). But there we are.

    Regards again,

  45. Himself @13:13
    Bryan Bell?

    Agnos @08:56
    Completely new to me:

    Martin R.
    "The indices I have in mind are inclusive, not exclusive." I agree with that, and also with the rest of your comments. Cultural differences, I suppose.

    rtgr @14:55
    Thank you for your kind words.



  46. Maren,
    O/T, but thanks so much - Rothko too! It is a far better recording than in my own collection. Away to Amazon!


  47. Bristling Agnos 9 November 2015 at 08:56

    Prior to replying to an email from Martin and to make sense of your own comments, I thought it prudent to catch up with Pat Brown's latest posts.

    So unless I'm very much mistaken, her bottom line is: Don't think, I'll do it for you?

    Oh and the FBI?

    Have you ever browsed the Entrapment tag on this blog?

    And I won't even mention which organisation who released but half a dozen frames out of all the CCTV film surrounding the Pentagon on 11th of September.

    I should hate to be labelled Conspiracy theorist.

    No, you can trust the FBI, they're policemen.

    And while I'm on the subject, the subject of the American justice system that is, are you aware that 96% of all cases in the US never go to trial and the reasons for it?

    Without even looking, I can safely say Googling the italics will result in a successful search.

    Now that's what I call a justice system.

  48. Agnos

    The complete FBI in one graphic.

    You might even recognise a familiar face or two.

  49. Himself @13:13


  50. Himself, had me wondering for a moment! George W or Bin Laden?

    Aye, they were revealing posts for many a reason. To my knowledge, no one has ever tried to persuade Pat to rewrite her profile (why should we?), and yet that appeared to be the defensive nature of her commentary(?)


  51. Until quite recently, the last few weeks in fact, I would have replied, G Dubya without a doubt.

    Until that is, I came across this analysis by Webster Tarpley (11mins)

    I did so like his take on the Florida schoolroom scenario. So much so in fact it prompted me to purchase his book.*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Even with my above average knowledge (for a Brit) of the US and all its shabby players, it's a tad heavy going by virtue of the detail therein. But in the end I shall get to the end. Well you don't you?


  52. "Why the McCanns Love Conspiracy Theorists" sounds like a conspiracy theory to me. Mx

  53. Thanks Himself,
    checking the book.

    what saddened me was that these posts came at a time when despite all of the speculation, all of the factions, something positive has demonstrably been achieved - for Gonçalo Amaral. The OG "restructuring" is hardly a pretext for renewed commentary . The news of the past 6 months is surely that of the fund and not the crèche sheets etc, which DL has stoically represented for years.)

  54. Himself 10 November 2015 at 14:52

    Know the book by name but haven’t read it. Know the clip very well. The picture has no immediate impact on me. I dig ‘…the man and the dog are definitely working together…’, it is on my desktop to entertain those wishing to be entertained.

    Now a short sprint back to the kitchen.

    Thanks, Himself.


  55. What's in a Hashtag?


    25 mei 2010

  56. 25/01/2007

  57. "The initial British response at political level was denial. The second phase was usually cover-up and the last phase eventually was apology," former secretary general of the Department of Foreign Affairs Sean Donlon said during the documentary.

    "But the apology, of course, never came in the lifetime of the administration which had been involved."

  58. Interesting stuff Maren, thank you.

    Mr Durkan said that collusion "was a fact, not a myth".

    He added: "Can Ronnie Flanagan, who presided over a culture of 'anything goes but nobody knows' be credible as Chief Inspector of Constabulary?"

    Mr Durkan has demanded that the former RUC Chief Constable resign as Her Majesty's Chief Inspector of Constabulary.

    Me: Now we're getting to a heavy hitter, our Ronnie, that'll be Sir Ronnie to you, Sir Ronnie Flanagan, knighted for services to what I wonder,running Castlereagh? population control? his handling of the Omagh bombing? collusion with Loyalist Death Squads? being Jimmy's boss? just give me a moment, I'll go and have a look see....

    No, I can't find any reference as to the why, it must have been one, or a combination of the things above and they just don't want to talk about it. I did come across this, about Ronnie's second gong: Former chief constable Sir Ronnie Flanagan has become the only person from Northern Ireland ever to receive a Knight Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) And what did he get his gong for? and I'm not making it up, you couldn't; Services to policing, stroll on! What next then, a gong for our Matt, Christian, for trying his best to get a bit of justice for that poor wee bairn, that's about the size of it, still give it time, you never know.

    Miss last night’s exposé on Collusion? Here are 10 things we learned

  59. Not forgetting of course, the shorter Nuala O'Loan report Operation Ballast.

    Jim Gamble: Looking Back

    Posted for the benefit of others rather than yourself, for I know you have read the thing.

  60. Pat Brown (Nov. 9):

    "if the evidence DOES support an accidental death and coverup, then the help from the government must have come in stages for reasons other than a more mysterious crime. I think this is so".

    The half-time score?

    Conspiracy theorists 1 Rest of the World 0

  61. LOL

    But on a more general note, how those with something to hide rush to relabel perception as conspiracy theory.

  62. Anonymous 8 November 2015 at 20:48

    Thanks so much for your post: good to be reminded once again of what it’s all about.

    G. McCann, “a highly-paid heart specialist”:

    “We are absolutely determined to get her back. But it could have been worse - we could have lost the twins too. There were three children in the room. That's the worst nightmare.”

    In other words:

    Yeah, let’s carry on qualifying our determination, being simply determined is not enough for us.

    Yeah, let’s look at the ‘silver lining’ and count our ‘blessings’.

    Yeah, it is not ‘our daughter’ or ‘Madeleine’ we are absolutely determined to get back, it is her.

    Yeah, let’s do the addition 1+2=3, there were three children (not necessarily ours) in the room.

    Yeah, let’s look at the ‘silver lining’ again.

    I invite all highly-paid heart specialists reading this post to put themselves into Mr McCann’s shoes and, having done so, recite the above-quoted statement and tell us how it feels.

    Mr McCann was a “highly-paid heart specialist.” Could it have been News of the World putting words into his mouth?

    Thank you, Himself, for being such a generous host and nobody’s fool.

    Peace to you, Madeleine. We love you and stand by you.


  63. OT No words.

  64. rtgr @13:26

    We are absolutely determined to get her back. But it could have been worse - we could have lost the twins too. There were three children in the room. That's the worst nightmare.

    Strange text isn't it. It makes you wonder.

    Personally, I find it unnecessary detailed information, as if they want to hedge against any suspicion. The best defence is a good offence? Well, maybe Gerry McCann just doesn't do emotions. Who knows?


  65. OT No words indeed. M

    Ghani went live on national television appealing for calm and promising that the Hazara deaths would be avenged. "The nation's pain is my pain," he said, vowing the authorities would have "no mercy" on the killers.

    Ghani said "enemies of Afghanistan" were trying to create disunity and "bring ethnic and sectarian violence" to the country as they had done in Iraq.

  66. Maren 12 November 2015 at 15:07

    Thank you so much, Maren, for sharing you thoughts.

    It does, it does indeed.

    Defence against what? I do not know the context in which the statement was made but I understand it had been made long before his legal status in the Portuguese investigation changed.

    I don’t need to tell you that there are their numerous other statements (video, their own writings), whose authenticity is beyond reasonable doubt, which have been analysed by people more capable than I, with, dare I say, similar misgivings, you know that. Isn’t it called ‘convergence of evidence’ or ‘reasonable grounds to suspect’? The quote I’ve looked at just happened to catch my eye as I was going throw the posts.

    Maybe, and maybe he does not speak like a father of an abducted child?

    Change of subject.

    Do you know what OT stands for in beginning of the post just before yours? I have looked at the link and now will be sprinting to the kitchen to cook, smell flowers and think who benefits.

    Something else I have been meaning to ask you, nothing important and totally unrelated to the matter at hand. Maybe another time if you permit.

    Kind regards.


  67. Thanks kindly, Himself.


  68. Apologies, Maren and Himself: didn’t think of googling OT.


  69. Of apologies you have no need, I asked the very same question myself when I first involved myself in computers, and that at the age of fifty five or thereabouts, so it was quite a learning curve as you might imagine. Didn't know my OTs from my OSs.

  70. Thanks, Himself, you are kind and helpful as always, and patient at that. My story is slightly different from yours, I would love to tell you more later.

    Kind regards.


  71. Maren 15:07

    The phrase "too many detals always too many details" I know for a fact is commonplace throughout my various blogs, although you wouldn't think so judging by the results of the dismally underpowered search bar.

    However, we did get: Justifications, Like Details, You Can Have Too Many

    A post that takes a look at the abject lies of George Bush and abject journos in general. Given a million dead and counting and the Middle East in chaos, in retrospect, not without interest I thought.

    And Martin, a Joe Wilson/Plame link therein, that may be of interest.

    And whilst on the subject. You once asked me Martin, if I was familiar with Wilson/Plame. Oh arr.

    A Whitehouse aid named Scooter,
    Did dastardly deeds for a shooter.
    Outing an agent named Plame,
    Got stuck with the blame.
    Pity it wasn’t Anne Coulter.

    Double super secret girl called Plame,
    Nobody ever heard her name.
    Words from Rover,
    Career over.
    Nuclear intel down the drain.

    Well Karl what’s it to be,
    Obstruction of justice or perjury.
    Has shafting mizz Plame ,
    Ended your game?
    Bit of a shame national, security.

    (Fitzgerald, special prosecutor)

    Heartthrob Fitz is close to deciding,
    Rover's neck is on this riding.
    Fitz take care,
    Of Gov. beware.
    Accidents happen when hang gliding.

    Patrick Fitzgerald please hurry on,
    Haste is indecent but we pray bring it on.
    Efforts of years,
    Might end in tears.
    If you get upstaged by Armageddon.

  72. rtgr 13:26


  73. Himself 13 November 2015 at 12:02

    Genius! (After Martin 10 November 2015 at 13:20)


  74. It's the way I tell 'em. Keep calm and be cynical.

  75. Himself @11:55

    The 'outing' of Valerie Plame
    Was a textbook example of shame
    'Dwight' would not have approved
    But with 'Dubya' unmoved
    It heralded more of the same

    Saddam was secure in Iraq
    Until 'BBC' ordered, 'Attack!'
    He'd just not bought enough
    Of that Yellowcake stuff
    To fertilize, much less fight back

    The rest is, as they say, history.

  76. Himself 13 November 2015 at 11:55

    Genius! (After Martin)

    Himself 13 November 2015 at 12:37

    I am cool, man, and speak as I find.

    Martin 13 November 2015 at 12:49

    Genius! (After your good self)

    So I was right to suspect you both of being more than just pretty faces?

    Change of subject (OT in your lingo).

    Sprinting to the kitchen and then to pick up the sunshine of my life from somewhere.


  77. @rtgr @13:45

    OT in your lingo



  78. Maren 13 November 2015 at 15:18

    You are ‘fab’, Maren.



    The McCanns public collection

    By Margarida Davim
    07 July 2007

    At the entrance of the Ocean Club in Praia da Luz, the journalists who participated in the press conference, that was held by Madeleine's parents for the Portuguese media, encountered a plastic box to collect donations. A small text, signed by Kate and Gerry McCann, invited everyone who entered the resort to contribute. This gesture was not appreciated by the members of staff, who claimed that the resort "is full of collection boxes".


    On the site there is an online store, where Gerry and Kate sell yellow rubber bracelets and textile bands, to help finance the cause. Callum McRae, the author of the site, says it was the couple’s idea. Speaking to SOL, McRae explains that the child's aunt, Philomena McCann, asked him to create the internet page, just two days after the girl went missing. "She knew exactly what she wanted", says Callum McRae, who created the contents in just one day.

    The McCann's internet page also publicises several fundraising events, all taking place in the UK, and some planned over 60 days ahead.


  80. Anonymous @07:56

    "Philomena McCann, asked him to create the internet page, just two days after the girl went missing. "She knew exactly what she wanted", says Callum McRae, who created the contents in just one day."

    Just two days after eh? Funny that, when you consider the child might have been found within three.

  81. MR 11:02

    With that kind of logic, you should have been a policeman.

    Then again, maybe not.

  82. Himself @12:27

    I once had the chance. I have this niggling feeling that I missed my vocation (but not as a member of the blue ranks I fancy).



  83. You don't have the attributes Martin.


    Alison Taylor, Regional Manager for Missing People, said: "Every two minutes someone goes missing in the UK."

    I see, it's now every two minutes that someone goes missing instead of every three minutes in 2014.

    For their families, the thought of an empty chair at the Christmas dinner table is truly heart-breaking.

    I can hardly believe that anyone (let alone the parents of a missing child) can take "the thought of an empty chair at the Christmas dinner table is truly heart-breaking" seriously. What hope is there for the missing if their heart-breaking absence is simplified into Christmas hysteria. It could almost be a reason for not coming home.

    Bonjour H. I trust you are doing well. M

  85. Anonymous (M) @16;25

    "It could almost be a reason for not coming home."

    On a lighter note (several notes actually) I am reminded of this from an unparalleled lyricist:

  86. Martin Roberts @21:48

    We'll all sit around in the kitchen chairs...

    Thank you so much for the link. I have heard some of his songs, but I didn’t know this one. He is a great singer-songwriter.

    Also, a beautiful record cover.

    An unparalleled lyricist, as you say. That reminded me of Billy Joel/Cass Dillon.

    Kind regards



  88. LOL I could never see the funny side of bots until now.


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