Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Treason Anyone? Assange Questions Oz PM Gillard

Whenever a Pol opens their mouth enabling a few a lies words to slither out, the red flags come up for me no matter who they are, but of yer woman here, Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard, what can I say? Not only did the flags come up, they came up waving, each trying to out-wave the other as they vied for attention, and the din! I've never heard such a cacophony of noise, what with the bells a ringing, the whistles a whistlin, the horns a blowin' and even the hooters a hootin' what a disingenuous bint if ever I saw one, and yes she even looks disingenuous.

I'm sure it's not just the subject matter that's giving me such bias, even if she would sell Julian Assange up the river at the drop of a hat, which she obviously would. Nor do I think it's the accent, which I do have to admit, for whatever reason, I find hard to associate it with any degree of sincerity or integrity. The woman is stereotypical Pol throughout, which one cannot expect anything else of one who has risen to such lofty heights, to become Head Pol of any country, accepting of course, those that got there via the seat of a tank.

Try her towards the end of the video with this little taster.

“Once again, we're doing hypotheticals on hypotheticals here, but policy-wise, we do not extradite people who could be subject to the death penalty. It's not a question of Mr. Assange or not Mr. Assange. That's Australian policy. We just don't.”

Death penalty yes, It's a pity though that the questioner didn't leave the question as: ''would (she) guarantee Assange wouldn't be extradited to the US'' period. Because it's quite obvious to me, not only would she allow him to be extradited, she'd put the bugger on the plane personally, and do it with a smile.

Gillard,Labour Pol as opposed to Liberal Pol John Howard, but by the jasus didn't they come out of the same mould, and we know what that one is like. Updated link.

Assange ambushes Australian Prime Minister on live TV
Asks if she should be tried for treason
By Dan Goodin

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard denied supplying information about WikiLeaks staff to the US government after founder Julian Assange confronted her on live television and suggested she be tried for treason.
The ambush happened during an interview with the Australian leader aired live on that country's public network ABC. With no prior warning, the broadcaster showed a video of Assange asking a pointed question. Dressed in a suit and tie, he said his staff has uncovered evidence her government has exchanged information with foreign powers about Australian citizens who worked for WikiLeaks.
“So prime minister, my question to you is this: When will you come clean about precisely what information you have supplied to foreign powers about Australian citizens working or affiliated with WikiLeaks?” he asked. “And if you cannot give a full and frank answer to that question, should perhaps the Australian people consider charging you with treason?”
Gillard was unflappable, but her response also provided her with plenty of wiggle room.

On the exchange of information that he's talking about, I honestly don't know what he's talking about, so I'm afraid I can't help him with full and frank disclosures,” she said. “I don't know anything about exchanging information about people who work for WikiLeaks. To my knowledge it hasn't happened.”

She went on to say that her government regularly shares intelligence with United States officials.

“It's part of our alliance, and it's in the best interests of this country,” she said.

AFP later quoted Australian Foreign Minster Kevin Rudd denying Assange's claim, but his statement was also open to interpretation.

“I am not aware of seeing any such material myself,” Rudd was quoted as saying.

ABC gave Assange a “no-strings attached invitation” to question Gillard and gave the prime minister no advanced knowledge of the arrangement, according to The Australian.

An Australian citizen, Assange has been critical of Gillard's government for not doing more to shield him from US investigators trying to prove the WikiLeaks founder was complicit in the in the suspected leaking of thousands of classified diplomatic cables by Pfc. Bradley Manning. The former US Army intelligence analyst was recently charged with 22 additional crimes, including aiding the enemy, an offense that carries the death penalty.

Asked if she would guarantee Assange wouldn't be extradited to the US where he might face similar charges, Gillard said:

“Once again, we're doing hypotheticals on hypotheticals here, but policy-wise, we do not extradite people who could be subject to the death penalty. It's not a question of Mr. Assange or not Mr. Assange. That's Australian policy. We just don't.”

Assange remains under house arrest in Britain pending his appeal of last month's decision by a London court that he be extradited to Sweden to answer questions in sex assault investigation. Register


Cletis said...

Great post. She reminded me of this from Hard Headed Woman by Cat Stevens.

"I know a lot of fancy dancers
People who can glide you on a floor
They move so smooth but have no answers
When you ask "why'd you come here for?"

Anonymous said...

bizarre, looks like a one-woman theatrical performance, the actress is smiling continuously and it seems that nobody knows why.
Hard to believe that she would support any Australian citizen.

Himself said...

Ten cents a dance?

Himself said...

Speaking hypothetically I assume?