Sunday, September 15, 2013

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Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

I thought this might be more convenient for us both.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

That might loosen a few tongues.

Anonymous said...

Or secure. Who knows? M

Good morning H

Wow! Tidy room.

You could have knocked me down with a feather, lol.

They're fucking bonkers, aren't they? Every single one of 'em. They thought a book solves an ongoing criminal case, ffs!

RTd by Heriberto Janosch

Fucking bonkers!

Himself said...


But Madeleine's bed wasn't under the window, it was against the far wall.

Next demo please.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

...every one of them taking a nice cut from the corpse that goes on giving.

It’s the cold hard reality, allowed to happen by those pulling the strings.

Goes on giving, therefore goes on protecting.

Just a thought you know H.

Gerry McCann: We are here. We are standing here in front of you. We are visible. The abductor is not.

Portuguese Journalist: The abductor?!

They are visible.

Anonymous said...

Good morning H

Again just a thought. Perhaps Looking for Madeleine (apart from the obvious though foolishly mistaken IMO) was also meant as a lure to promote the sales of their other books, especially The Eleventh Day. M

Summers & Swan‏

Waiting is over! Our latest book covering the #MadeleineMcCann case hits the shelves today.

11 Sept. 2014

Himself said...

07:54 Star man.

09:46 I think you credit them with too many smarts.

New front cover.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

4 Feb 2007

Anonymous said...

Feb 23, 2003

Himself said...

Thanks Maren, interesting.

Between you and I, I made quite a few direct inquiries, both email and telephone, to see if I could get the goods on J G, but all to no avail.

By virtue of his job, he would have kept a very low public profile I guess. But he would be dirty, very dirty indeed.

The Six Counties during that period, was a pretty deadly place.

In fact, I think I shall order "The Committee" from the library, and read it again. Like many books, they are often best read a second time and with an inch or two added to the waistline.

Anonymous said...

Hi H. Perhaps this comment doesn’t make sense at all, but one cannot know. The link in first comment in your blog (book) is not from me. But perhaps your answer in third comment wasn’t directed at me at all. Flattered nevertheless of course. M (deluded Chuck)

Anonymous said...

Good morning H


Meanwhile, a Russian Grandma appealed to Barack Obama

Come visit me, be my guest Obama-child. I’ll introduce you to the priest of our village and we will pray for America! I will make you pancakes my child, just don’t make war on people.

If only for colourful interior and geraniums. M

I’m sure Weiss will love the cat (2:18). I don’t do cats, but I love her twitter wallpaper or whatever it is called (amazing cat picture).

Anonymous said...

First comment is not mine H. I'll sign with M in the future, unless it's just information. Maren

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


It's probably one conspiracy theory too far, but in light of Brenda's "If I die in dodgy circumstances"

Let us imagine for a moment that the security services were involved from the outset.

Something passes between the SS and McCann?

It wouldn't take but a hint from McCann to set his mindless devotees on the course of action that we know they took.

The Mail and Sky play their part, wittingly or unwittingly?

The ingredients are now in place for an exposed and shamed woman to take her life.

Enter the Security Services in a more physical role.

Game over.

As I say, it's probably a theory too far. Did Brenda's tweets constitute such a threat?

Was she chosen to be made an example of?

Any thoughts?

Anonymous said...

a local death, with friendly local coroner,ex coroner Tomlinson on board of Fund. Local Police (same lot in Praia)Who is the pathologist ? (keep eye out for a certain Professor) Brenda found Sat pm, taken to hospital Sunday, Gezzer works at Glenfield....

Anonymous said...

Perhaps chosen to be made an example of, but with a dramatic turn of events. I’m convinced she wasn’t chosen if they didn’t take her seriously. I think she posed a threat. She does even more now. A heavy burden and unfinished business. M

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
RTd by S&S of course.

and they cancel out his reasoning & conclusions! How does that happen? No New evidence! - CadizOranges

Good question, no answer.

Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

I don't know what to say lass. This case was ever sordid, but now, with the death of Brenda, it's tragic, a sordid tragedy.

And still they bicker with the trolls on twitter.

And the latest is what? Plod waiting to go to Portugal again, to achieve God knows what?

I have read the other links, thanks Chuck.

Anonymous said...

Good day H

It is bizarre and so unnecessarily.

Brenda was a proud, very bright [university-educated], articulate and upstanding lady and the thought of a prosecution and a prison sentence hanging over her would have devastated her.

I’ll really miss her, yes she was eccentric and opinionated but she was flamboyant and fun too

A neighbour


A source close to Kate and Gerry said: “Abuse online seems to go in either direction but it has nothing to do with Kate and Gerry. They do not encourage or condone anything online. People seem to say anything they want.”

It has everything to do with Kate and Gerry.

People seem to say anything they want. - Clarence Mitchell aka a source close to Kate and Gerry

"The irony" would be an understatement. M

Anonymous said...

Hi H. Look who's there.
Comment 13 October 2014 12:48

Our one and only uppercase hyphen person.

BPD, that-, for-, celebrity-, ensues-

Sounds desperate, but who doesn't these days. Mx

Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

Remind me again who we are talking about. I would have said Pamela, but I have just checked her Amazon quotes, no hyphens there and she does use paragraphs?

Desperate? Seems odd that I should start getting troll comments after seven years. Nearly as odd as NOT getting troll comments for seven years, which has always been the case.

Whoever it is, if they think they are getting a reaction out of me - fail.

LOL Remind me who gave the book five stars before receiving her copy?

But on a more serious note, listen to Joana.

I would like to disagree with her, but I can't.

Himself said...

Pray pardon, the other link.

Anonymous said...
and several other aliases

Internet therapy. I didn't know you were a shrink H

Anonymous said...
to mention a few

Himself said...

WOW This stuff should be preserved, there is enough here for a dissertation on the subject of . . . . . fill in the blank space.

Brigit Ryan commented

Pat Brown is a narcissistic bitch who hates Kate Mccann because she is much better looking than her, much smarter, much more successful, and MOST of all, because without ever wanting to be a celebrity, she has all the REAL people who matter Interested in HER- while Pat Brown can only get her support from NOBody losers on the net, like HiDeHo4- PAEDOPHILE


totally agree! she is a horrible, nasty, self promoting narcissist. As if a real criminal profiler would do this kind of thing. Not one of them would ever comment on a case that they had not worked on, and did not know every detail of. Even Mr. Amaral has admitted he was WRONG, but not Pat Brown.


Crap! you ignoramous. Do you really think these people aren't smart enough to realise how much worse it would be if they lied about an 'abduction'? Do you really think they would take the risk? They would KNOW that there would be a full on investigation. Do you really think that 7 other people- not all of them the Mccanns close friends, would LIE on their behalf- they had children of their own They wouldn't risk going to jail over someone elses lie! WAKE UP Mccann haters are EVIL

And no, they definitely don't do irony.

Anonymous said...

Suzy Dymock Yes-she may have the "normal" amount of chromosomes, but she's half the human my teenage son with DS is.
9 juni 2012 at 21:58

Suzy Dymock I suspect she has a personality disorder-something that geneticists will be able to test for one day fairly soon I would say. And while I go under "Valueall" on blogs-I'm not so sure I value those such as Chealsea who cause such pain via their abuse and lack of conscience. Might have to change my name.
9 juni 2012 at 22:01

Yes-, disorder-, blogs-

Protest organiser Suzy Dymock said she was kicked out of the meeting when she tried to hand out leaflets containing 11 "facts" about Down syndrome and screening.


Name changed into Josephine Morgan.

Anonymous said...

Local news.

'by the book'

It’s a funny old world.

Good night M

Himself said...

By gum, isn't it just.

Goodnight m'dear.

Anonymous said...

Good evening H

Being outside the UK I was wondering whether I am poisoning your national life or is it just a storm in a teacup.

Unworkable in practice I’d say, job creation nevertheless.

Love from an anonymous stalker. xxx