Thursday, August 16, 2007

It's All And Only About Us: Karl Levin

So another shabby little pol is heading to Iraq to tell the Iraqi's just exactly what?

Well we're sorry about destroying your country.

We're sorry that the infrastructure is trashed.

We're sorry that you have no drinking water, electricity, food, medicine and fuel.

Were sorry for those that are dying in their thousands because of the lack of these basics.

We're sorry that you can't step out of your front door for fear of being tortured and murdered.

We're sorry about the million plus dead, the two million refugees, the two million displaced.

We're sorry for poisoning your land for thousands of years with Depleted Uranium.

We are sorry your children are being born with horrific birth defects as a direct result of the DU.

We're sorry for spawning a civil war, how were we to know you've hated each other for centuries?

We are sorry for giving you "Democracy" of which you have absolutely no experience of.

We're sorry for bringing anarchy and making the country ungovernable, et al, at al, et al.

But hey, come on you guys lets see some action, get your fingers out, pull up the proverbial socks, let's see a stable functioning government.

What a disingenuous slimy little cocksucker. Stay at home you self serving little fuck.

LANSING, Michigan: The chairman of the U.S. Senate Armed Services committee said he was leaving Wednesday for Iraq to tell its leaders that they must accept responsibility for their country.

"Folks, if you want a civil war in this country, that's your choice. Count us out of your civil war. We've been here four-and-a-half years," Democratic Senator Carl Levin of Michigan told reporters Wednesday during a stop at Michigan's statehouse. more.

I won't go as far to say I shouldn't be picking on Levin alone, I'll go as far to say I should include all the other wankers that are tucked up in the same big bed.

Well there isn't room to write about them all, but I will let Arthur Silber tell you about another one, this from April Two Thousand and Six.

Given the incomprehensible horror that Iraqis now must live with every minute of every day -- horror that is the direct result of our actions -- who the hell are we to be making demands of anyone? We ought to beg their forgiveness, with every fiber of our being. But for Kerry, and for all our other national leaders, none of this matters and it is hardly ever discussed in any detail in terms of how it affects the Iraqis themselves. Oh, no: it's all and only about us.

The nauseating depths of the Western conviction of its own "exceptionalism" and its unquestionable "right" to coerce the rest of the world to act as we demand are revealed in Kerry's final paragraph: For three years now, the administration has told us that terrible things will happen if we get tough with the Iraqis. In fact, terrible things are happening now because we haven't gotten tough enough. With two deadlines, we can change all that. We can put the American leadership on the side of our soldiers and push the Iraqi leadership to do what only it can do: build a democracy.

Narcissism and Paternalism as Foreign Policy, and Kerry's Profoundly Objectionable and Dishonest Article

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