Sunday, July 01, 2007

Take Lieberman With You.

subtitled: Sucking Cock For Jesus (and the nomination)

This bugger is away with the faeries, POTUS! it don't bear thinking about.

I’m going to Iraq on Monday. And I’m going to be proud. I would rather spend the 4th of July with the men and women in Iraq than anywhere else in the world.” more

What a cocksucker, he's hardly got the taste of dead man's cock out of his mouth and he's shuffling round on his knees again, mind you they all are, Presidential wannabees blowing millions of dollars and as much man meat as they can cram into their salivating lying gobs.
And Mitt Romney! don't set me off.

It wouldn't be fair of me not to mention the circle suck performed by Obama, Clinton and Edwards when they lowered themselves to publicly discuss their own religious views in debate.
Had they anything about them they should have got together beforehand an as a group told the organiser of the debate to go and fuck himself and his topic on religion.

Heaven forbid that the Jesus Freaks elect a President that ain't Jesusy enough for them, America has to have a President that carries out God's work and what better way to show your godliness than to send the Divine One a present of a million souls. (and counting)

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